June 22, 2024
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Belift Lab Releases Video: Truth Behind the NewJeans Plagiarism Claims

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Belift Lab Releases Video Truth Behind the NewJeans Plagiarism Claims

Belift Lab Denies Plagiarism Accusations

Belift Lab, a subsidiary of HYBE, filed a civil lawsuit against ADOR’s Min Hee-jin on June 10, following a criminal complaint filed earlier. This lawsuit is in addition to the ongoing legal battle between the two companies over allegations of plagiarism.

Belift Lab claims that Min Hee-jin’s accusations of plagiarism against ILLIT are based on “distorted editing of photos and short videos that capture and assemble similar scenes out of context.” They also argue that Min Hee-jin has not properly verified whether the so-called “original” works she claims were plagiarized were actually created by her or by Belift Lab.

Belift Lab Releases Video Debunking Allegations

Belift Lab also released a video analyzing the problems with Min Hee-jin’s plagiarism claims and the potential impact of these claims on the K-pop industry and popular culture. The video is expected to address Min Hee-jin’s “arbitrary use of the term ‘production formula’ to package even numerous existing similar cases, such as marketing activities and holiday hanbok pictorials, as if they were newly created.”

Belift Lab also accuses Min Hee-jin of “sacrificing an innocent rookie group for her own interests.” They allege that one of the tactics Min Hee-jin used to pressure HYBE was to defame and belittle a rookie group from the same label as a “copycat” or “knockoff.” They also claim that these allegations were accompanied by “unreasonable claims such as interference with activities.”

NewJeans Plagiarism? Belift Lab Releases Video Debunking Allegations

Belift Lab Defends NewJeans Against Plagiarism Claims

Belift Lab also disagrees with the various allegations of similarity raised against NewJeans. They believe that there is no evidence that Min Hee-jin actually plagiarized or actively referenced these works, and that “the similarity is actually exaggerated due to intentionally edited content that makes the similarity stand out more than it actually is.”

However, Belift Lab does point out that “if we do not correct the act of cherry-picking and distorting information in our favor, even in areas that should be judged by professionals, this will greatly shrink the creative activities of creators, and Min Hee-jin will also never be free.”

Belift Lab Releases Video to Restore Honor

Belift Lab appears to be using this video to restore the honor of itself and ILLIT. The content focuses on conveying the damage ILLIT has suffered due to the plagiarism controversy, as well as the sense of loss felt by the many staff members who were involved in the production. The decision to produce a video instead of a text-based statement is interpreted as an attempt to include a variety of audiovisual materials and testimonies from the production team.

Belift Lab also takes issue with Min Hee-jin’s statement at her second press conference last month that “the media and netizens no longer need to mention it,” which they see as “denying the time and process that the victims had to endure due to her remarks.” They also point out that Min Hee-jin “did not offer a single word of apology or reflection to the innocent victims, including the artists who are suffering from serious malicious comments that they should not have had to endure due to her actions,” and that she “blamed this on the media and others.” HYBE has not yet responded to Min Hee-jin’s offer of reconciliation.

Belift Lab Takes Legal Action Against Malicious Commenters

In addition to the civil lawsuit, Belift Lab is also taking legal action against the authors of malicious posts defaming, insulting, sexually harassing, spreading false information, and maliciously slandering ILLIT. They have been collecting evidence of malicious posts and comments from all domestic and foreign channels since ILLIT’s debut in March and have filed a complaint with the investigative authorities.

The targets of this lawsuit include those who have posted malicious posts and comments on domestic communities (Naver, Nate, Theqoo, DC Inside, Instiz, Daily Best, etc.), music sites (Melon, Bugs Music, Genie Music, etc.), and overseas social media channels (Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.).

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