April 16, 2024
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Korean Actress Lee Yoon-Jin Opens Up About “Hellish” Divorce

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Korean Actress Lee Yoon Jin Opens Up About Hellish Divorce

Lee Yoon-jin, a Korean interpreter and actress, has publicly opened up about the “hellish” divorce process she is currently undergoing with actor Lee Beom-soo.

On March 23rd, Lee Yoon-jin took to her social media platform to express her distress, stating that she has been facing “avoidance of agreed-upon separation, disregard for divorce, and ‘failure’ of divorce mediation” for nearly 10 months.

She further revealed that she has been barred from entering their Seoul house since late last year due to her daughter’s choice to pursue middle school education abroad. Additionally, as the registered head of household, Lee Yoon-jin claims that she is unable to access her belongings without the permission and supervision of Lee Beom-soo.

Expressing regret for her hasty marriage, Lee Yoon-jin shared that she had been pressured into the marriage and felt obligated to portray a happy image. She also revealed that she had sold her wedding ring and gifts to support the family during difficult times and even worked harder to cover up Lee Beom-soo’s financial troubles.

Lee Yoon-jin also accused her mother-in-law of using insulting comments towards her and her parents, causing them significant distress. She also revealed that her mother-in-law had made insulting remarks like “Raise your daughter well and send her away,” which brought tears to her parents’ eyes. She further alluded to “bizarre double lives, secretive hobbies, and hidden cell phones”, expressing her feelings of betrayal and disappointment.

Emphasizing that no one enjoys the pain of divorce, Lee Yoon-jin stated that she did not wish to see her 15-year marriage and family history reduced to mere gossip. She described her post as a “cry out” to her unresponsive husband and appealed to his friends to convey her genuine feelings.

In response, Lee Beom-soo’s agency, Y1 Entertainment, acknowledged the situation and expressed regret for releasing a statement on the weekend. They confirmed that Lee Beom-soo is currently in the process of divorce mediation following Lee Yoon-jin’s request.

The agency clarified that they respect the privacy of the actors’ personal lives and refrain from intervening or seeking detailed information. They also stated that they will not respond to each post made by Lee Yoon-jin on social media but will address her claims and counterarguments directly through the ongoing legal proceedings.

Y1 Entertainment concluded by asserting that there are many inaccuracies in Lee Yoon-jin’s social media posts and that Lee Beom-soo will sincerely address these discrepancies in court.

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