July 19, 2024
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Kambum Preeyada Sittachai Marries Boyfriend Kantaporn Harnphanich in Grand Thai-Chinese Ceremony

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Kambum Preeyada Sittachai Marries Boyfriend Kantaporn Harnphanich in Grand Thai Chinese Ceremony

Actress Kambum Preeyada Sittachai and her boyfriend Kantaporn Harnphanich (Peace), son of a famous hospital heir, held their engagement ceremony according to Thai and Chinese traditions

Kambum and Peace began their new life together after five years of dating. The atmosphere was filled with love and happiness as the couple’s families and close friends from inside and outside the industry attended to congratulate them on their special day.

Kambum Preeyada Sittachai and her boyfriend Kantaporn Harnphanichs family

Dowry Worth Almost 100 Million Baht Presented by Groom’s Parents

The highlight of the ceremony was when Peace’s parents presented a dowry and wedding gifts worth almost 100 million baht. The dowry included 35 million baht in checks, 4 million baht in cash, 88 baht of gold, land titles, and diamonds. This made Kambum a truly “hundred-million-baht bride.”

Kambum & Peace Expresses Happiness and Shares Plans for the Future

In an interview with the press, the couple expressed their happiness and shared their plans for the future. They revealed that their lives have changed together and that they feel like they complete each other.

Peace Vows to Love and Care for Kambum Forever

Peace said, “My promise? Actually, we received blessings from our elders together. They held a golden staff and a diamond scepter and wished us to be understanding, patient, and talk to each other. The promise I made was to take care of Kambum. Kambum’s parents also asked me to take care of Kambum from now on. I said yes.”

Kambum Feels Relationship Reached New Level

Kambum said, “The moment we exchanged rings, I felt that our relationship had gone to another level. I felt like I was growing up and starting a new chapter in my life.”

Kambum said The moment we exchanged rings

Couple Desire to Have Twins and Have Already Frozen Eggs

The couple revealed their desire to have twins and have already prepared by freezing Kambum’s eggs. Peace said, “I want to have twins.” Kambum said, “Wait a minute, Peace,” and Peace jokingly restarted, “I would like to have a child in the year of the minor serpent because the following year is a clash year, I think it wouldn’t work. We would have to wait until the year of the monkey. If it’s not natural, we’ll probably turn to science.”

Total Value of Dowry Gifts Exceeded 50 Million Baht

The total value of the dowry gifts exceeded 50 million baht. Peace said, “The value is one thing, but every piece I tried to find meaning in what I gave. As for the car, I bought a house car because I thought she would get to use it. Our houses are quite far apart. My house and Kambum’s house are 110 km apart, Phutthamonthon Sai 4 to Sukha 3. When we talked about it, if we had to move to sleep at her house or my house sometimes, we could use the house car. Or even the wedding ring, I used the same diamond because the day we picked it out, it had its own story. It was the day we started dating. With its weight, it was the day we started dating. So I thought I’d use the same diamond, 4.19 carats, the day and year we started dating. But there was a ring exchange too. Should I talk about the ring?”

Couple Reveal They Haven’t Planned a Honeymoon Yet

The couple revealed that Peace’s parents gave Kambum over 50 million baht in wedding gifts, but they haven’t planned a honeymoon yet.

Kambum Confirms She Won’t Be a Housewife

They said they weren’t used to calling each other husband and wife yet, and Kambum confirmed she wouldn’t be a housewife.

Kambum Not Yet Used to Calling Peace “Husband”

Peace said, “Can we call each other husband and wife yet? Actually, we received a royal marriage. According to normal standards, on April 22nd, I had a wife (smiles). Are you used to it yet? Are you used to it yet (looking at Kambum)”

Kambum said, “Not yet (laughs). I’ll get used to it in a bit.”

Couple Plans to Register Marriage After Finding Auspicious Date

Peace said, “But we haven’t registered our marriage yet. We’ll wait until after the 19th and then find an auspicious date.”

Kambum Unsure About Changing Surname

Kambum said, “Will I change my surname? I haven’t thought about any of this yet. Honestly, right now, is my soul still in this body? Since 4 a.m. yesterday, to be honest, since we wrote the last card and went to sleep, I’ve been wondering if my soul has woken up yet. It hasn’t followed back yet (laughs).”

“Jum Can Help Me Prepare This”: Kambum on Wife Duties and Peace’s Rebuttal

Peace said, “Have you called him your husband yet? Oh, come on, try calling him (smiles). Oh, why are you glaring (laughs)”

Kambum said, “No (laughs). I’d better wait for now (laughs).”

Peace said, “Let him practice first (laughs).”

Kambum said, “When you ask how I’m preparing to be a housewife, I focus on work. I leave the housework to the nanny, Jum (smiles). There won’t be any being a housewife. Maybe I’ll just say, ‘Jum, can you help me prepare this?’ Then Jum will take care of everything for me. Breakfast? Would you like some (looking at Peace) (laughs)”

Peace said, “What menu do you have to choose from (laughs)”

Kambum said, “There’s only one option, burnt or burnt (laughs). I even burn things when I microwave them (laughs)”

Peace said, “But we talked about it before. If we get married and move in together, he would order food for me in the morning.”

Kambum said, “Yes, order it from the night before (smiles). Wake up and microwave it, right?”

Peace said, “You’ll microwave it yourself too (smiles)”

Kambum said, “You’re making me look really good (smiles)”

Peace said, “No, but you will wake up, right? (smiles)”

Kambum said, “Yes (smiles).”

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