June 22, 2024
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Singer Be’O’s Earnings Dispute: Current vs. Former Agency in Legal Battle

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Singer Be'O's Earnings Dispute: Current vs. Former Agency in Legal Battle

Legal Dispute Erupts Between Big Planet Made and FameUs Entertainment

Singer Be’O’s current agency, Big Planet Made Entertainment, announced on May 13th that they are currently engaged in a legal dispute with Be’O’s former agency, FameUs Entertainment, regarding unpaid fees from his time at FameUs Entertainment.

Profit-Sharing Agreement at the Heart of the Issue

According to Big Planet Made Entertainment, Be’O, who signed an exclusive contract with the company in February 2022, had agreed to a profit-sharing arrangement based on the net profit after deducting expenses from his earnings during his time at FameUs Entertainment.

Big Planet Made Claims Improper Deductions by FameUs Entertainment

However, Big Planet Made Entertainment claims that they discovered that FameUs Entertainment had been deducting all expenses from Be’O’s share of the profits, rather than just a portion of the overall revenue. At the time, in 2022, Big Planet Made Entertainment, FameUs Entertainment, and Swing Entertainment were jointly managing Be’O.

Big Planet Made Takes Action to Protect Be’O’s Earnings

Big Planet Made Entertainment stated that they had sent a certified notice to FameUs Entertainment demanding the correction of the illegal distribution and the payment of the correct settlement amount, but that FameUs Entertainment had not responded. They explained that they had decided to take legal action “in order for the artist to focus on his activities” and that they had made the payments to Be’O on behalf of FameUs Entertainment.

San E of FameUs Entertainment Confirms Lawsuit

FameUs Entertainment’s CEO, rapper San E (Jung San), also confirmed the ongoing lawsuit on his social media on the same day, posting an email he received from Big Planet Made Entertainment. The first hearing of the lawsuit is scheduled to take place on June 13th at the Seoul Central District Court.

Big Planet Entertainment’s Official Statement

“Big Planet Entertainment (BPM) is currently engaged in a legal dispute with FameUs Entertainment over unpaid earnings owed to our artist, Be’O, during his time under their management.

In February 2022, Be’O signed an exclusive contract with BPM. As per the terms of his contract with FameUs Entertainment, profits were to be distributed after deducting expenses from his revenue. However, we have discovered that FameUs Entertainment has been distributing profits by deducting all expenses from the total revenue and then giving Be’O only a portion of the remaining amount. This method of distribution is not only unfair but also a clear violation of the agreed-upon terms.

Despite our repeated attempts to resolve the issue amicably, including sending a formal notice of claim, FameUs Entertainment has refused to cooperate. As a result, we have been forced to take legal action to protect Be’O’s rights and ensure he receives the full compensation he is owed.

In the meantime, to ensure Be’O can focus on his career without financial worries, BPM has already paid him the amount in dispute. We remain steadfast in our commitment to protecting the rights of our artists and will continue to pursue legal action against FameUs Entertainment until Be’O receives the fair and just treatment he deserves.

We will continue to provide updates on this matter as it progresses. Thank you for your attention to this important issue.”

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