June 22, 2024
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Composer Yoo Jae-hwan Posts Suicidal Message on Social Media

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Composer Yoo Jae hwan Posts Suicidal Message on Social Media

Composer and broadcaster Yoo Jae-hwan, who has been accused of embezzling composition fees, has released a letter in the form of a suicidal note.

Yoo Jae-hwan Apologizes to Victims in Emotional Post

On June 10, Yoo Jae-hwan posted on his Instagram, “I’m going to quit my life.” He wrote, “As I’m about to leave, I can’t help but cry because I’m so nostalgic and miss everything. But I’ll hold it in and leave.”

He continued, “How could my life have turned out like this? I guess my words and actions were the problem. I’ve been taking sleeping pills for a long time, which has led to impaired judgment and cognitive decline. Those were truly embarrassing days when I couldn’t even speak.”

Yoo Jae-hwan apologized to the victims, stating, “I’m so sorry to the victims. I only have 4,000 won left, so I’m so sorry I can’t refund you. And it didn’t make sense for me to try to compose for 170 people by myself. I’m truly sorry on my way out. But please remember that my sincere intention was to get everyone to enjoy the music.”

Yoo Jae-hwan Hospitalized After Suicidal Post

He added, “I’m honestly scared now that death is near. I’ll send a separate will to my family.” He concluded the post, “Alright!! Goodbye everyone!! It was a wonderful world for me!!”

According to SPOTV News, Yoo Jae-hwan was hospitalized in the intensive care unit after posting this article, but has now been transferred to a regular room and is recovering.

Yoo Jae-hwan Accused of Fraud in Online Post

In April of this year, a post appeared online accusing a composer named A, who had appeared on a popular variety show, of fraud. The post claimed that A had received 1.3 million won in composition fees but had not provided any songs for two years, and had also borrowed money for meals and not returned 1.53 million won. The writer also claimed that A had made sexually suggestive remarks. It was later revealed that composer A was Yoo Jae-hwan.

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