June 22, 2024
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LE SSERAFIM’s Hong Eun-chae Sparks Controversy with School Remarks

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LE SSERAFIMs Hong Eun chaes Remarks About University Life Become a Meme

Korea University Cheering Squad Parodies Hong Eun-chae’s Remarks

Recently, a photo of a banner hung by the Korea University cheering squad around the school was posted on online communities. The banner reads, “Juniors, are you going to Songdo in your first year? It must be tough!” This is a parody of a remark made by Hong Eun-chae of LE SSERAFIM during a past live broadcast.

Hong Eun-chae’s Past Remarks About School Life Spark Controversy

During a live broadcast on Weverse in March of last year, Hong Eun-chae was talking about school-related topics when she said, “You guys have been going to school for a long time, right? It must be tough,” and laughed. During a live broadcast in September of the same year, she made similar remarks and said she didn’t understand why she had to study in school. She also said, “When students talk about college, I think it’s cute and funny, but when they say, ‘What time is class tomorrow?’, I say, ‘I’m picked up at 11:30, isn’t that great?'”

Netizens Criticize Hong Eun-chae’s Remarks as Thoughtless and Mocking

Netizens pointed out that the remarks themselves were thoughtless, but that the nuance and tone of her speech seemed to belittle and mock students. Hong Eun-chae’s remarks have drawn backlash in the wake of the “2024 Coachella” live controversy. It is absurd that a person who is not doing their job properly as a singer would mock students.

Hong Eun-chae Faces Backlash Compared to NewJeans’ Minji Who Apologized for Similar Controversy

Unlike NewJeans’ Minji, who apologized for the “kalguksu controversy,” Hong Eun-chae has not taken any position on her remarks. Netizens reacted, saying, “Even if the camera is turned on, you can tell how much you think of it,” “Even a 3rd grader is pissed off,” and “You’re openly mocking students nationwide.”

Hong Eun-chae’s Age and Circumstances Add to Controversy

Hong Eun-chae was born in 2006 and is only 17 years old. Her friends of the same age are currently preparing for the college entrance exam as high school seniors, but Hong Eun-chae dropped out of high school and is focusing on her career in the entertainment industry.

LE SSERAFIM’s Agency Faces Criticism for Inaction

In the midst of the intensifying mockery of LE SSERAFIM following Coachella, the agency is continuing activities without taking any action. LE SSERAFIM met fans at the fan meeting “FEARNADA” held at the Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium in Seoul on the 11th and 12th of last month.

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