July 19, 2024
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Filipino Singer Accused of Plagiarizing Thai Viral Hit “I Like You The Most”

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Filipino Singer Accused of Plagiarizing Thai Viral Hit I Like You The Most

Shad, a Filipino singer, has been caught taking credit for the song “พี่ชอบหนูที่สุดเลย” (I Like You The Most) by Ponchet ft. Varinz. He has been accused of plagiarizing the song by translating it into English, re-recording it, and selling it on Spotify without giving any credit to the original artists.

“พี่ชอบหนูที่สุดเลย (I Like You The Most),” a song by Thai independent artist PONCHET featuring VARINZ, has become a viral sensation.  Within just 4 months of its release, the catchy melody and lyrics garnered over 44 million views on YouTube, 3.8 million uses on TikTok, and over 20 million streams on Spotify.

This issue has sparked outrage on social media, with many people criticizing Shad for his lack of ethics. Some have pointed out that other artists, such as Ten from NCT and Hanna from 4EVE, have previously covered the song but obtained permission from Ponchet beforehand.

Cover or Copyright Infringement?

The song’s popularity has attracted international attention, but not without controversy. SHAD, a Filipino artist, released a version of the song with the same melody but entirely new English lyrics. While some consider this a cover version, Thailand’s Intellectual Property Department suggests it might be copyright infringement.

PONCHET’s Team Takes Action

PONCHET’s team is actively investigating the situation.

Ponchet seems to be aware of the situation and has posted a picture with the caption “I only accept apologies in cash.” Shad’s TikTok account has also been deactivated since then.

This case highlights the complexities of copyright law in the digital age. Cover versions are generally allowed, but the line between trans-formative use and infringement can be blurry. Determining the outcome hinges on specific details, such as the degree of similarity between SHAD’s version and the original song.


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