May 19, 2024
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Park Ji-hyun Reveals Friend Married TVXQ’s Changmin on Cultwo Show!

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Actress Park Ji Hyuns Secret Connection to TVXQ Changmins Wife edited

Ahn Bo-hyun Shows Off His Fly to the Sky Fandom

A self-proclaimed big fan of Fly to the Sky, Ahn Bo-hyun surprised DJ Brian with a vocal imitation of Brian and Hwanhee together. Brian seemed delighted, saying, “I’ll definitely watch your drama.”

Park Ji-hyun, Former Cassiopeia with Enduring Love for TVXQ

Park Ji-hyun revealed her past as a dedicated fan of K-pop group TVXQ. “I was an official Cassiopeia and I loved all their songs,” she shared. She even playfully demonstrated TVXQ’s fan chants, much to the amusement of the studio.

Cleanliness and K-Pop Memorabilia: Ahn Bo-hyun and Park Ji-hyun’s Personal Habits

Brian then steered the conversation towards personal habits. Ahn Bo-hyun, living alone for 21 years, claimed to be quite neat. Park Ji-hyun, on the other hand, described herself as “a minimalist who pursues maximalism,” admitting to throwing things away when necessary. Brian then jokingly inquired if she had ever discarded any TVXQ memorabilia, to which Park Ji-hyun reassured him, “No, I still have them.”

A Shocking Revelation: Park Ji-hyun’s Friend Ties the Knot with TVXQ’s Changmin

The biggest surprise of the evening came from Park Ji-hyun’s confession: “Actually, my friend married TVXQ member Changmin.” When asked if her friend was a fan club member, Park Ji-hyun clarified, “No, she’s an ordinary person.” Brian’s playful jab, “Did you ever want to kill your friend?” brought laughter to the studio.

Actress Park Ji Hyuns Secret Connection to TVXQ Changmins Wife

A Blast from the Past: Ahn Bo-hyun Reconnects with a Childhood Friend

A listener named Seung-woo sent a message reminiscing about playing soccer together with Ahn Bo-hyun in Dadaepo during their elementary school days. Ahn Bo-hyun happily acknowledged him, stating, “I remember. We were elementary school friends.” He then elaborated on the challenges of remembering everyone due to attending five different elementary schools. “I moved around a lot during the IMF,” he confessed.

From Dirt Spoon to Sand? Ahn Bo-hyun Clarifies Chaebol Role

The conversation transitioned to Ahn Bo-hyun’s role in “The Chaebol X Detective.” When asked if he might be a real-life chaebol (conglomerate heir), Ahn Bo-hyun firmly denied it. The DJs teased him playfully, suggesting he might be mistaken for one due to his role. Ahn Bo-hyun responded with a humorous analogy, “I’m not even dirt, I’m closer to sand,” and added, “Friends I haven’t seen in a long time are awkward and ask, ‘Why are you playing a chaebol role?'”

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