February 25, 2024
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“Ssibal” Scandal: Kim Ji Woong Under Fire for Foul Language

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Ssibal Scandal Kim Ji Woong

A rookie idol named Kim Ji Woong from the group ZEROBASEONE is in hot water after a video surfaced online showing him allegedly using foul language towards a fan during a video call meeting.

In the video, the fan had paid to participate in a video call with Kim Ji Woong. However, at the end of the call, when he seemingly thought the connection had ended, he can be heard uttering the Korean swear word “Ssibal,” which translates roughly to “f***.

The fan who posted the video expressed her shock and upset, writing, “Does he usually swear at fans like that? I’m honestly scared… Why should fans have to deal with this kind of treatment after paying for a video call?” She emphasized that she didn’t do anything to provoke him and believes his behavior was completely uncalled for.

As of now, neither Kim Ji Woong nor his agency has commented on the situation. 

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