May 19, 2024
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EXchange Season 3 Ends Disappointingly, Raising Concerns for Season 4

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EXchange Season 3 Ends Disappointingly Raising Concerns for Season 4

“EXchange Season 3” (also known as Transit Love 3) has wrapped its season, but it leaves viewers with a sense of disappointment rather than satisfaction. The season was plagued by criticisms including a slow pace, frustrating developments, and suspicions of product placement (PPL). These issues are likely to have a negative impact on the upcoming Season 4.

How can EXchange Season 4 be better than Season 3?

  • Listen to viewer feedback and address the concerns raised.
  • Focus on telling the cast members stories authentically.
  • Be more creative with the format and challenges.
  • Choose cast members who are genuinely interested in finding love.

No New Couples Formed, Reunions Mark Season 3 Finale

The show concluded on its 20th episode, marking the end of the “EXchange Season 3” journey. There were no new couples formed through partner switches (“transfers”). However, two existing couples chose to reunite. Yoo-jung and Chang-Jin, along with Sang-jeong and Min-hyung, opted to rekindle their connections, and it’s reported that they have even become “real couples” outside the show. Dong-jin and Hye-won also made their final decisions, but they reportedly haven’t progressed to a “real couple” status.

High Expectations After “EXchange Season 2’s” Success

Following the immense popularity of Season 2, viewers entered Season 3 with high hopes. The cast of Season 2, which ended last October, continues to hold the audience’s interest. The intricate relationship web between Sung Hae-eun, Nam Hee-doo, Jeong Hyun-gyu, and Jeong Gyu-min was a source of excitement and “dopamine” for viewers. Jeong Hyun-gyu, introduced as a “catfish” (someone who misrepresents themselves online), made a lasting impression with his now-famous line, “I’ll see you tomorrow, noona.”

Change in Production Leadership Sparks Concerns

The anticipation surrounding “EXchange Season 3” was accompanied by anxieties from the beginning. The biggest concern stemmed from the change in the main PD (Program Director). A shift in PD naturally leads to a change in the overall program atmosphere. Lee Jin Joo, the PD who steered Seasons 1 and 2, moved to JTBC, and Kim In Ha took over the directorial reigns for “EXchange Season 3.”

Early Attention Grabs Overshadowed by Authenticity Issues

The season initially garnered attention thanks to Dong-jin and Da-hye, the longest-lasting couple in “EXchange” history. Despite facing controversy regarding the legitimacy of Da-hye’s participation as a former girl group member, their 13-year relationship resonated with viewers and helped them gain popularity. However, the show’s commitment to authenticity was challenged again by the brief 3-month relationship between Sang-jeong and Min-hyung.

PPL Suspicions Cloud the Show’s Genuineness

“EXchange Season 3” also found itself embroiled in PPL suspicions. The show featured numerous scenes where Sang-jeong confronted Min-hyung for wearing clothes with sentimental value to her on a date with another woman. Notably, the clothing brand was prominently displayed throughout these scenes. Further fueling speculation of a scripted argument was the fact that another cast member, Hwi-hyun, appeared wearing clothes from the same brand. The production team defended themselves, stating, “It’s true that it’s a sponsorship,” and clarified, “We’ve been diligently notifying sponsors in the subtitles since the first episode. Min-hyung’s clothes are really his own clothes with a story for just the two of them, and it’s separate from the sponsorship.”

Cast References to Previous Season Hinder Immersion

The cast’s immersion-breaking habit of directly referencing famous lines from the prior season further detracted from the viewing experience. Lines like “I’ll see you tomorrow, noona” and “I wanted a younger, straightforward guy like Jeong Hyun-gyu” constantly reminded viewers of past moments.

Incomplete Narratives Leave Viewers Unsatisfied

The most biggest issue with the season 3 was its failure to fully portray the cast members’ stories. The actions of Seo Kyung, Joo Won, Yoo-jung, and Chang-jin, who formed a complicated square relationship, unfolded too rapidly for viewers to connect with their characters. Their actions even took on villainous undertones at times. While the show’s premise revolves around “Transit Love”, there was only one official date with a new partner right before the final decisions, leaving viewers feeling unsatisfied.

Despite Issues, Show Garners High Viewership

Despite its shortcomings, the show managed to maintain popularity. The total viewing time surpassed 37 million hours, and the cumulative number of clip views reached a staggering 300 million. However, high viewership numbers don’t erase the underlying problems. Season 3’s existence and the attention it.

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