May 19, 2024
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“Single in Seoul” Rom-Com Unveils New Poster and Trailer

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New Poster and Trailer for “Single in Seoul” (Releasing November 29th)

The movie “Single in Seoul” has a new poster and trailer out! It’s a love story ’bout a single influencer who likes bein’ alone and an editor-in-chief who hates bein’ by themselves. They meet when they’re workin’ on a book together ’bout single life.

Lee Dong Wook plays Young Ho, a popular writer and influencer. Im Soo Jung plays Hyun Jin, the editor-in-chief of a publishin’ company. She’s great at her job, but she can be a klutz in her personal life.

The poster shows the movie’s eight single people, who are all connected by an essay series called “Single in the City.” The poster uses printin’ templates to show that the publishin’ company is the main settin’ of the movie. It also has details that look like proofreadin’ sheets. The trailer shows the different personalities and lifestyles of these eight single people. Young Ho is the perfect example of a person who likes bein’ alone. In one scene, he’s happily eatin’ by himself. In another scene, he’s climbin’ Namsan Tower by himself to promise himself that he’ll always be single. Hyun Jin, on the other hand, is the perfect example of a person who doesn’t want to be alone.

Single in Seoul Rom Com Unveils New Poster and Trailer

The trailer also shows the mysterious best-sellin’ author Hong (Esom). It also gives us a glimpse of the strange relationship between Jin Pyo, the president of the publishin’ company (Jang Hyun Sung), and bookstore owner Kyung Ah (Kim Ji Young), who live together in the same house.

Finally, the video introduces the employees of the publishin’ company. They include the adorably nosy Yoon Jung (Lee Mi Do), the company’s youngest employee Byung Soo (Lee Sang Yi), and designer Ye Ri (Ji Yi Soo), who always takes company dinners seriously.

Watch “Single in Seoul” Trailer

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