April 16, 2024
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DJ PK and Yogurt Confirm Divorce, End Rumors with Emotional Interview

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DJ PK and Yogurt Confirm Divorce End Rumors with Emotional Interview

On March 1, 2024, PK (Piyawat Kempetch) and Yoghurt Nattasha went on the show “คุยแซ่บShow” on Channel One31 to talk about the issue. They said that they had already filed for divorce that morning.

DJ PK Piyawat and his wife, Yogurt Natthacha, have been in the news lately after being linked to rumors that a male host on a famous show had asked his wife to have a second life. The rumors caused a lot of backlash against PK. Many people were waiting for the couple to speak out about the issue, amid rumors that they had already divorced.

DJ PK spoke with tears in his eyes and apologized to Yogurt and both of their families. Yogurt admitted that they had problems, but said that they had ended on good terms and were now brother and sister. She said that she would not be giving any more interviews about the matter. She said that she still wished PK well and had never thought badly of him. She just wanted them to be brother and sister now.

DJ PK said, “Please don’t spread rumors. It’s not true.” He said that he had loved Yogurt for 12 years and that if he could, he would find a way to get back together with her. He asked for some time and said that he was still taking care of Yogurt. He said that her life was good and that she was living in a house with everything she needed. He said that they had been talking a lot lately and that he felt like they were communicating more than ever.

He apologized to Yogurt every day for what he had done wrong. He said that they had decided to get a divorce, but that his mother and Yogurt’s mother didn’t know yet. He said that he would still take care of Yogurt and that he loved her more than ever. He said that he wanted to let her be herself. During the interview, PK started to cry and Yogurt had tears in her eyes. The two hosts of the show comforted and encouraged the couple.

Ending a 12-Year Love Story! “PK – Yogurt” Reveal They Got Divorced, Confirming an Amicable Ending.
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