February 25, 2024
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Lee Byung Hun revealed his position on the of Squid Game 2

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On August 1st, Lee Byung Hun revealed his position on the season 2 of Squid Game, During a promotional interview for the movie ‘Concrete Utopia’, Lee Byung Hun was asked about the much-anticipated Korean drama ‘Squid Game 2‘. He said he was impressed with the script for season 2 and found it “fun” throughout. He also debunked some of the theories floating around about the plot of the new season.

Lee Byung Hun said, that he was surprised to see the script for season 2, as he did not know that director Hwang Dong-hyuk would make a sequel. He said the script was “well written” and he was “excited” to see how the story would develop.

The actor also addressed, some of the speculation circulating about season 2’s plot. He said none of the theories he had read were accurate. He said that the story will be “different” from what people are expecting, and that it will focus on a “new cast of character

Lee Byung Hun’s remarks, only served to raise expectations for Squid Game Season 2. The first season of the show was a worldwide phenomenon, and fans are excited to see what happens next. Season 2 will be released sometime in 2024.

Are you Curious about how the story of Season 2 of Squid Games will unfold?

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