July 19, 2024
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Fox Spirit Matchmaker Stars Shine in New Posters

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On February 11, Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Wang Quan Unveils Lunar New Year Posters, Bringing Romance and Action

The live-action adaptation of the popular Chinese comic “Fox Spirit Matchmaker” is heating up with the release of its new posters just in time for Lunar New Year. This third installment, titled “Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Wang Quan,” is already a month into filming, and anticipation is high.

The posters feature the leading duo, Cheng Yi and Li Yi Tong, looking stunning in their historical costumes. Cheng Yi plays Wang Quan Fu Gui, a powerful swordsman whose name literally translates to “king’s power” and “wealth.” His costumes reflect his strength with both plain white robes and regal blue and gold accents. This marks another historical drama for Cheng Yi, following his success in “Mysterious Lotus Casebook.”

Li Yitong portrays Qing Tong, a graceful spider spirit. Her name, meaning “clear eyes,” hints at the role she plays in opening Fu Gui’s eyes to a world beyond his confined life. Her costumes are a vision of soft pastels, complementing her elegance.

According to the original comic, Fu Gui is the strongest member of his family, raised as a weapon with no freedom. Qing Tong enters his life as a spy, but their encounter sparks a trans-formative journey and a love story that spans lifetimes.

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