June 22, 2024
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Seo Eun-ah Reveals Her Worries About Kim Dong-wan on “Men’s Life These Days: Groom’s Class”

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Jo Hyun ah Worried About Seo Eun ahs Picky Dating Habits

Jo Hyun-ah Worried About Seo Eun-ah’s Picky Dating Habits

On the April 24 broadcast of Channel A’s “Men’s Life These Days: Groom’s Class,” Kim Dong-wan, Seo Eun-ah, and Jo Hyun-ah had a three-way meeting. Before the meeting, Jo Hyun-ah and Seo Eun-ah met first and talked. Jo Hyun-ah expressed her concern about Seo Eun-ah, who had always refused blind dates. Kim Dong-wan in the studio overheard this and reacted positively, saying, “Eun-ah is not the type to meet just anyone.”

The Couple Ring Reveal

During their conversation, Jo Hyun-ah spotted Seo Eun-ah’s couple ring and asked, “Is this a couple ring?” When Seo Eun-ah admitted it, Jo Hyun-ah jokingly expressed jealousy, saying, “What are you doing? Are you trying to annoy me?”

Seo Eun ah Reveals Her Worries About Kim Dong wan on Mens Life These Days Grooms Class

Jo Hyun-ah Curious About Kim Dong-wan

Curious about their first meeting, Jo Hyun-ah asked Seo Eun-ah, “I tend not to get introduced to people in the same industry, but I thought he seemed okay.” She then directly inquired about Seo Eun-ah’s feelings, “Do you like him?” Seo Eun-ah’s reply, “It’s fun to meet you, oppa,” brought laughter to the studio, with Jang Young-ran praising it as “the best thing to say.” Lee Seung-cheol jokingly followed up with, “It’s the first time I’ve heard Dong-wan is funny.” Moon Se-yoon also added to the lighthearted mood, saying, “Give me three years, and I’ll steal her away.”

Shinhwa Fan Jo Hyun-ah’s Take on Kim Dong-wan

Jo Hyun-ah, revealing herself to be a fan of Shinhwa (Shinhwa Palace Club), said about Kim Dong-wan, “He feels like an auntie, and he’s cute. He’s a bit stubborn too.”

Seo Eun-ah’s Worry About Kim Dong-wan’s Jokes

Seo Eun-ah then began consulting with Jo Hyun-ah about her worries. She admitted to feeling overwhelmed by Kim Dong-wan’s constant jokes at first. Jo Hyun-ah suggested setting a limit on jokes as a possible solution.

The Bedroom Disagreement – A Bigger Problem Revealed

Seo Eun-ah then revealed a bigger concern related to potential adjustments needed after marriage. She expressed her desire to share the same bedroom, unlike Kim Dong-wan’s preference for separate rooms. Seo Eun-ah went on to explain the difficulty she had with Kim Dong-wan’s use of positive persuasion tactics, exemplified by his statement, “You like that too, don’t you, Eun-ah?” in this situation.

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