June 22, 2024
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Raven 2: The Long-Awaited Sequel Arrives with High-Quality Dark Fantasy Action

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Raven 2 The Long Awaited Sequel Finally Arrives

Nine years after its release in March 2015, the sequel to Raven has finally returned. The original mobile action RPG changed the landscape of the domestic mobile game market by winning the Grand Prize at the 2015 Korea Game Awards, surpassing 1 million daily active users (DAU), reaching 100 billion won in sales in 99 days, and accumulating 7 million downloads.

Dominion and Gigantes Return in Epic Dark Fantasy Sequel

Netmarble recently officially released Raven 2. The sequel boasts a high level of quality compared to existing mobile MMOs, with its orthodox dark fantasy concept and cinematic production, realized with console AAA-class visuals.

  • Immersive Story in a Vast World:
    Raven 2 offers immersive story content set against the backdrop of the vast world of Raven, where gods and demons coexist. Users can create their own characters and enjoy the story of confronting key figures from Raven 1 such as Dominion and Gigantes as new members of the Special Forces with the power of the Cursed Stigma.

Striving to be the Best Dark Fantasy MMORPG

Raven 2 aims to be the best dark fantasy MMORPG ever created with graphics that have never been seen before in the market. From the initial planning stage, the story and world view of the previous game were re-established with a dark fantasy concept, and all of this was packed into an MMO open world.

  • Developed for Adults Only:
    Raven 2 was developed as a game for adults only and features grotesque and terrifying demons and bold productions.

Flashy Combat with Diverse Classes

The keyword that represents Raven is ‘action’. MMORPG Raven 2 inherits the combat philosophy of its predecessor and realizes the most flashy combat with the easiest controls. The total of 6 classes, consisting of Divine Caster, Berserker, Night Ranger, Vanguard, Elementalist, and Destroyer, each perform different cutting and blood expressions during combat, presenting a differentiated sense of action.

  • Large-Scale Battles: This combat presentation is further maximized in large-scale battles. Whether it’s defeating countless allies and huge demons in guild dungeons, rifts, or engaging in massive wars with thousands of people without channel restrictions, Raven 2 delivers a differentiated action thrill that sets it apart from other MMORPGs.

Heavenstones: The Ultimate Power Source

There are a variety of weapons and skills in Raven 2, but the most powerful force is the Heavenstone, which exists at the core of the world. Raven 2 features more dangerous and challenging demons than any other game, and these giant demons possess Heavenstones imbued with the power of gods and demons.

  • Unleashing the Power of Demons: The moment you defeat a demon and get your hands on a Heavenstone, its power becomes yours. This means that players can use the overwhelming skills used by huge demons. These Heavenstones can be acquired regardless of class and there are no restrictions on the use of power. Just as skills changed when weapons were changed in the previous game, players can design their own battles depending on the type of Heavenstone.

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