June 22, 2024

Qiang Qiang’s Biggest Fashion Regret? The Shorts Singapore Police Confiscated

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Qiang Qiangs Biggest Fashion Regret The Shorts Singapore Police Confiscated

Taiwanese YouTuber Qiang Qiang (aka Maze Lin) visited Singapore, but ended up being taken away by the police and her clothes were confiscated as evidence due to her daring and revealing attire.

Qiang Qiang, who rose to fame through the show “Blackie’s Teenage Club,” has always been loved by fans for her bold style and sharp tongue.

Recently, on the variety show, she shared her partying attire and revealed her love for wearing very short shorts, especially ones that can show off her buttocks. She then confessed that over a decade ago, when she was in Singapore and visiting a certain nightlife establishment, she was suddenly stopped by the police and taken away.

“At first, when the police stopped me, I thought it was because I was too beautiful to ignore. I didn’t expect them to say I was disturbing public morals, and then they took away my whole pair of shorts as evidence.”

Qiang Qiang also expressed regret, saying that she can never bring back that pair of shorts to Taiwan. “It’s gone forever, and I really liked it.” She sighed, saying that it was the first and only time she was taken to the police station because of her clothes being too revealing and provocative.

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