June 22, 2024
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Singer 2024 Results: Na Ying Loses Again, Sun Nan Soars! Charlie Puth Joins Next Round!

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Singer 2024 Results Na Ying Loses Again Sun Nan Soars Charlie Puth Joins Next Round

Live, Unedited Format a Hit for “Singer 2024”

The Chinese singing competition “Singer 2024” has been a major hit, with its live, unedited format proving to be popular with viewers. The show’s popularity continues to soar, with each episode generating significant online buzz.

Na Ying Loses Third Time in a Row, Netizens Blast Off-Key Performance

In the fourth episode, which aired on May 31st, Chinese pop diva Na Ying, who has been in third place overall, lost to Western singers for the third time in a row. Her rendition of Jay Chou’s “Stranded” was severely off-key, causing a stir among netizens and landing her at the top of Weibo’s hot search list.

Na Ying: Powerful Singer Under Pressure

Na Ying is a powerful Chinese singer and the only Chinese artist to have won the Golden Melody Award for Best Female Singer in Taiwan. However, her previous performances on the show were questioned by Canadian vocal coach Rozette for being “auto-tuned.” While Na Ying did not respond directly, she admitted that singing live on the unedited show is “extremely stressful” and that she gets so nervous before each performance that she feels like she’s going to break down.

Netizens React to Na Ying’s Off-Key Performance

Many netizens posted comments while watching the live broadcast, with some expressing shock and disappointment:

  • “Oh my gosh, it’s already the fourth episode, shouldn’t anyone be able to hear that Na Ying is seriously off-key?”
  • “Singing such a comfortable song, but the breathing sound is so loud, her whole breath control is wrong, the breath is not delivered to the right position, the pitch will naturally run off… Oh my gosh, is this the Queen of Chinese Pop?”

Other netizens were more blunt in their criticism:

  • “Na Ying’s opening is a disaster… still nervous?”
  • “The worst tonight, no excuse, how much did she run off? Now I feel like every sentence she sings is at risk of going off-key…”
  • “Not as good as Rainie Yang’s ‘Stranded'”
  • “She must have wanted to be eliminated a long time ago, but the live audience…”
  • “Na Ying, step down… or you’ll really lose face.”

Sun Nan to the Rescue: Powerful Vocals Save the Day for Chinese Singers

With Chinese singers losing one after another, the show invited powerful singer Sun Nan to save the day. He took to the stage to sing “Save,” and the entire song was high-pitched and passionate, making netizens directly express: “Do we have to kowtow to Sun Nan? This is the real ‘save’.”

Netizens described the scene of the show, saying that Sun Nan’s “Save” was like a thunderbolt piercing the silent rainy night, and his explosive stage performance brought the audience to their feet with thunderous applause.

Praise for Sun Nan’s Performance

Netizens were effusive in their praise for Sun Nan:

  • “The 50-year-old man is still in his prime.”
  • “Joking aside, with Sun Nan’s ‘Save,’ he really saved the face of Chinese singers. Although you can feel that he is older and his physical functions have obviously declined, his high notes are still much better than the others.”

Charlie Puth Joins Singer 2024!

In addition to the drama of the current competition, the show’s producers also released a teaser for the next episode at the end of the show, confirming that American singer-songwriter Charlie Puth will be joining “Singer 2024”! Charlie Puth is widely known in China for his song “See You Again,” and his other representative works include “Attention,” “How Long,” “We Don’t Talk Anymore,” “Dangerously,” and “Look At Me Now.”

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