April 16, 2024

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The Immortal Ascension (2024)

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The Immortal Ascension is a Chinese television series adapted from the novel “A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality” by author Wang Yu. The series follows the captivating journey of Han Li, played by the renowned actor Yang Yang.

Drama Info

August 1, 2024 All day

Synopsis: The Immortal Ascension

Han Li was born into poverty. In order to provide a better life for his family, he voluntarily went to the Seven Mysteries Sect to participate in Jiang Hu He was eventually accepted as a disciple by Master Mo.

At first, Master Mo took good care of Han Li and taught him medical skills. Han Li was very grateful to him. However, with the disappearance of Zhang Tie, another disciple who entered the sect at the same time, Han Li discovered Master Mo’s true intentions.

Master Mo tried to take over Han Li’s body, but was ultimately killed by Han Li in self-defense. From Master Mo’s last will and testament, Han Li learned of a whole new world: the world of cultivation.

After helping the Seven Mysteries Sect resist foreign enemies, Han Li left the sect and went to Master Mo’s home to find the Nuan Yang Jade to cure himself of poison. He also helped the Mo family defeat their enemies.

From Master Mo’s daughter, Mo Caihuan, Han Li learned the location of the Tai Nan Small Gathering. In order to pursue the footsteps of cultivators, Han Li decided to go to the Tai Nan Small Gathering. He said goodbye to his family and set off.

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