April 16, 2024

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Coupang Play to Release New Rom-Com “Cinderella at 2 AM”

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Coupang Play announced on the 28th that it will release the new series “Cinderella at 2am” starring Shin Hyun-bin and Moon Sang-min in the second half of this year.

“Cinderella at 2am” Story

“Cinderella at 2am” is a romantic comedy drama that tells the story of two people with contrasting views on love. Ha Yoon-seo (played by Shin Hyun Been) is a firm realist who believes there’s no fairy tale ending in real life. On the other hand, Seo Joo-won (played by Moon Sang-min) is a hopeless romantic who believes love conquers all.

Ha Yoon Seo, a team leader at a large corporation, is everything one could ask for in a partner: attractive, kind, and well-respected. But her past is marked by hardship. Fleeing domestic violence, she left her family with her younger brother in tow. These experiences have steeled her into a confident and practical woman.

Yoon Seo’s world is turned upside down when she discovers her boyfriend, Seo Joo Won, is the son of the chaebol family that owns her company. To her further astonishment, Joo Won’s mother contacts Yoon Seo, demanding she end the relationship in exchange for a hefty sum.

Yoon Seo, a firm believer that fairytales are just that – fairytales – decides to take the money and sever ties with Joo Won. However, Joo Won, a man who prioritizes love above all else, refuses to give up. He fights tirelessly to win Yoon Seo back, determined to prove that their love can overcome societal pressures and his family’s disapproval.

“Cinderella at 2am” A Modern Twist on a Classic Fairytale

Things get complicated when Yoon-seo discovers her younger boyfriend Joo-won is actually a third-generation chaebol. Unwilling to be swept up in a world of wealth and privilege, Yoon-seo breaks up with him. However, Joo-won, determined to win her back, refuses to let their love story end.

“Cinderella at 2am” Experienced Creative Team Behind the Scenes

The screenplay for “Cinderella at 2am” is written by writer Oh Eun-ji, known for her work on seasons 12-17 of the popular drama “Miss Ma, Femme Fatale.” Seo Min-jung, director of the ENA drama “Bravo! Deborah,” will be at the helm.

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