June 14, 2024
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Popular Streamer Bitberry Reveals Horrific Abuse by Husband

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“True Story Expedition” Uncovers Shocking Story of Domestic Abuse Against Streamer Bitberry

Bitberry, an Afreeca TV streamer, was recently on the MBC show “True Story Expedition” to talk about how her husband abused her. The streamer said that her husband, Mr. A, held her captive and tortured her for seven years.

Bitberry said that Mr. A became more and more controlling as she became more famous. He made her wear more revealing clothes and treated her like an object without any feelings. When she didn’t want to do what he said, he would meanly say, “You’re just a product. A product doesn’t have an ego or feelings.”

If Bitberry stood up to Mr. A, he would beat her up badly. She had to do what he said so she wouldn’t get hurt.

In a previous social media post, Bitberry wrote about one of the worst things that happened to her: “On the 13th, at around 5 AM, the abuser attacked me and took my phone. The next day, on the 14th, at night, the same abuser hit me with a wooden cutting board when I was completely defenseless. He hit me in the back of the head, choked me, and left me tied up until 5 AM the next morning.”

Bitberry was finally able to escape from her nightmare and report the abuse to the police. Her husband, Mr. A, was arrested and charged with domestic violence.

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