June 22, 2024
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Pei Panward Opens Up for the First Time After Being Caught in a Broken Marriage

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Pei Panward Opens Up for the First Time After Being Caught in a Broken Marriage
Pei Panward
  • Says She Will Not Answer Her Current Status, Denies Unfollowing but Blocking Her Husband’s Instagram account, Asks Not to Go into Details of the Problem, Worries About Her Child’s Feelings, Everything is Still Negotiable

This is another time that her relationship status has been under scrutiny. Is it love or break up? For “Pei Panward Boonyaratgalin” after unfollowing her husband “Pop Nithi Boonyaratgalin” on Instagram and the couple’s photos have disappeared.

Pei Panward Clarifies Blocking Her Husband on Social Media

Recently, she came to attend the “15th Nataraja Awards” ceremony for the year 2023 and opened up about the issue that is becoming a hot topic for the first time, saying:

News that you have unfollowed your husband? “I didn’t unfollow, I blocked it because I wanted to take care of my mind and protect my feelings. I didn’t warn anything. We put our minds first. It’s normal anyway. Everyone knows what blocking means. That is, we put our minds first.”

Did you think carefully before blocking? “I blocked him in a second (was it hard to think?) I thought carefully.”

Accumulated Issues Led to Blocking

  • Pei implies there were signs before the social media action

Accumulated? “Everything has gone through the process, taking a lot of time. There have been many events that led to this. We didn’t talk before I blocked him. I can’t answer about my status.”

Rumors of Third Party Involvement and Pei Panward’s Response

  • Smiles sweetly but avoids giving a direct answer

Since you blocked him, there have been rumors of other women involved? There have been rumors that a woman told her friends that she had a relationship with our husband? “Smiles sweetly (smiles) I can’t answer that.”

Then the people you know know that you went to talk to them? “I’d rather not answer that. If I answer, it will affect other people (Is there a third party involved?) Let’s just say there are other people involved, it’s not just Pei.”

Pei Panward Focuses on Being Strong for Her Child

  • Child’s wellbeing is top priority

You look strong today? “Pei thinks that it’s because she’s been through a lot. Pei is not the same as she used to be. That’s all I can say.”

What happened from the old Pei to be this person? “Everyone probably knows why Pei is like this now.”

Our decision as a wife or mother? “Right now I’m just a mother. As for blocking, you have to separate it from my feelings that I want to protect my own feelings. As for other things in the house, I’m just a mother.”

How long has it been to get this strong? “It’s been a while (did he try to win you back?) It’s not about sulking anymore.”

Not an emotion that you know there is a problem and you make a decision? “We talked before this. Pei is not lying and denying to you guys (the media). Pei is one of the people who has been through these problems before. So 1 2 3 is not enough. So the time it takes to heal or the feelings it takes takes time from the beginning. So now you ask why I’m strong, it’s not that I’m strong. I still have feelings, but I’m trying to do or choose what’s best for my child. My focus has changed now.”

The hardest thing about talking about these things is because of your child? “1. My child because he is old enough to know. 2. Pei sees it as a family matter, so I will handle it at home. Some things are very sensitive and the person Pei cares about most is her child. She wants him to be affected as little as possible by this. Pei chooses every way in the best way for her child. She will do what she can as a mother.”

Preparing to Deal with the Aftermath

  • Focuses on protecting her child from media scrutiny

When the news comes out, there will be follow-up. How are you preparing to deal with it? “As I said, what I can answer, I will answer. What I see as a question that is quite sensitive, I really have to beg off because everyone should know that my child is the most important thing. Pei is a very direct person. What is a question that does not affect my feelings I can answer, but if anything affects my feelings or whatever, I’d rather avoid it. I think I can control this.”

Looking Forward and Moving On

  • Prioritizes working to support her child
  • Remains hopeful for a positive resolution

How will you explain it to your child? “Not yet, but Pei will come back and talk again (Have you made a final decision yet?) I can’t answer that. It’s quite sensitive.”

Ready to step forward and move on? “I have to be ready, otherwise Pei wouldn’t choose to do it like this.”

Has anyone tried to be a shoulder to cry on? “I need to explain first, everything might not be as intense as the news, but everything can be talked about. Let me mention Pop’s name. Pei and Pop can talk, they can agree. So it won’t be in the sense of arguing or fighting. Not at all (not a legal battle?) I can’t say (smiles) That’s it, but we talk well. That is, both Pop and Pei, we don’t fight. We can negotiate, we talk well.”

Have you been through the process of talking? “We talked, it’s done (How long will it take before it unfolds?) For Pei, I want it to be as soon as possible.”

How is your mental state now? “I am very happy and strong (Since the news came out, there have been many people encouraging you?) Thank you very much (bows hands) After this, I will earn money to raise my child or sell something, like, like, share and follow me. I earn money for my child (laughs) What do I sell? Please help support me. From now on, I will work for my child.”

Will you be back to work 100% for your child after this? “I’m already working, you guys will see that I’m never free, I never stop working. But I have to fight more (smiles)”

Have you cried at all this time? “No (smiles) I’ve been through a lot. As I said, Pei is not the same Pei as she was before, 4-5 years ago (A new Pei?) Well, it’s the same person, but I’ve learned more (smiles)”

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