May 19, 2024
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My Lovely Liar Ep 6: Secrets Revealed, Tensions Rising

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My Lovely Liar Ep 6 will be a dramatic and suspenseful one, secrets are starting to unravel, and the stakes are getting higher.

In the previous episode, Hwang Minhyun (who plays Lee Jae Woon) revealed his true identity to the world after being threatened by an impostor. This act of courage impressed Kim So Hyun (who plays Han Seo Yoon), and it made the two of them closer than ever.

As a result of this newfound closeness, Seo Yoon decided to let Jae Woon in on a secret that she had been keeping from him.

My Lovely Liar Ep 6 creates a bittersweet atmosphere for the viewers. On the one hand, it is heartwarming to see Seo Yoon finally let her guard down and show her true self to Jae Woon.

Mok Sol Hee finally sees Kim Do Ha after he reveals his identity due to his impostor.

Sol Hee was shocked to see Do Ha without his mask, but she was also relieved to know that he was the real person she had been getting to know. She was also impressed by his courage in standing up to his impostor.

After Do Ha reveals his identity to Sol Hee, they celebrate with a drink. Later that night, Sol Hee gets a little drunk and asks Do Ha whether he likes her or not. This makes the viewers laugh because it is so unexpected.

After she gets drunk, Do Ha decides to bring her home. He carefully carries her on his back, and he makes sure to be gentle with her.

Do Ha knows that Sol Hee is not used to drinking, and he doesn’t want her to get hurt. He also knows that she is not in a state to take care of herself, so he feels responsible for her. Do Ha brings Sol Hee to her apartment and carefully lays her down on her bed.

The next day, Kim Do Ha visits Mok Sol Hee the following day with hangover medicine and cooks hangover soup for her.

Mok Sol Hee is feeling awkward because she knows that Kim Do Ha likes her, and she doesn’t know how to act around him now that she knows this. She even asks him to change the password for her front door.

The sudden changes in the atmosphere were a telltale sign of how much they thought about each other, but they both tried to act natural around each other.

Watching their favorite soccer game together was a turning point for both of them. They were able to relax and be themselves around each other.

In episode 6, Mok Sol Hee tearfully opened up to Kim Do Ha about how her mother had attacked her in the past because she considered her “abnormal” due to her supernatural ability.

She tearfully revealed to Kim Do Ha that she could hear lies from a person, and how this ability had caused her so much pain in the past, and she was afraid that her ability would ruin her life.

At the end of the episode, Lee Kang Min (played by Seo Ji Hoon), Mok Sol Hee’s ex-boyfriend, unexpectedly returned to the picture.

Kim Do Ha became even more curious about the real reason why Mok Sol Hee and Lee Kang Min broke up. In addition, Choi Uhm Ho (played by Kwon Dong Ho), the brother of Kim Do Ha’s past lover, also returned.

Choi Uhm Ho’s (played by Kwon Dong Ho) visit to Cho Deuk Chan’s (played by Yoon Ji On) company and his pressure on Kim Do Ha (played by Hwang Minhyun) to reveal himself as Kim Seung Joo raised curiosity and tension among the audience.

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