April 16, 2024
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Song Ha Yoon Bullying Update: Agency Clarifies Involvement

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Song Ha Yoon Bullying Update Agency Clarifies Involvement
Actress Song Ha Yoon; Image Courtesy: Studio Dragon & KING KONG by Starship Entertainment

Song Ha Yoon Forced to Transfer Schools After Incident

Actress Song Ha Yoon’s agency, King Kong by Starship, admitted on April 2nd that she was involved in a school violence incident that led to her forced transfer. However, the agency maintains that Song Ha Yoon did not directly assault the victim.

Clarification on Song Ha Yoon’s Involvement in Bullying

In an interview with JTBC’s “Case Chief” (사건반장), the agency explained that Song Ha Yoon was present during a bullying incident where another student, A, was the victim. The perpetrators pressured Song Ha Yoon to inform them if A came to school, and fearing them, she complied. The agency claims Song Ha Yoon did not participate in the physical assault of A.

The agency further stated that Song Ha Yoon’s only mistake was gossiping about the perpetrators with other students. They acknowledged that Song Ha Yoon’s agency, at the time, prioritized her acting career and sought a swift resolution. This resulted in offering the victim a settlement and Song Ha Yoon’s voluntary transfer.

Separate Allegation of Slapping Denied by Song Ha Yoon

The agency emphasized that this incident is separate from the allegation that Song Ha Yoon slapped the victim’s cheek for 90 minutes. Song Ha Yoon maintains her innocence in this accusation.

The allegations of school violence against Song Ha Yoon first surfaced on April 1st during JTBC’s “Case Chief”. An anonymous informant claimed to be a former classmate of actress “S” and described being slapped for an hour and a half by “S” in 2004. The informant also alleged “S” was involved in another school violence incident and transferred schools. Though the report did not reveal the real name, netizens quickly speculated “S” referred to Song Ha-yoon.

Song Ha Yoon’s Agency Denies Allegations and Requests Verification

Song Ha-yoon’s agency released a statement on April 1st, denying the allegations. They explained contacting the informant to verify the claims and requesting a meeting for clarification. However, the informant reportedly refused to meet or respond to calls.

Call to Refrain from Unsubstantiated Reports about Song Ha Yoon

The agency expressed concern about the spread of “unilateral claims” and “speculative reports” based on the informant’s unverified accusations. They appealed to the public to refrain from spreading unsubstantiated information about Song Ha Yoon.

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