June 22, 2024
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5 Compelling Characters to Meet in “Live Surgery Room,” the Latest Medical Drama

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Live Surgery Room New Medical Drama Premieres on JSTV Tomorrow
Chinese Drama: Live Surgery Room (2024) | JSTV | Youku

Medical Drama “Live Surgery Room” Premieres Tomorrow on JSTV

The medical drama “Live Surgery Room” starring Vin Zhang, Dai Xu, Liu Min Tao, and Yang Yutong, with Yang Yu Tong as a special guest star, has officially announced its schedule and will be Premieres on JSTV and YOUKU, every night at 19:30 starting tomorrow (April 6).

Story Follows Genius Doctor Seeking Justice and Truth

The drama mainly tells the story of the genius doctor Zheng Ren (played by Vin Zhang) who comes to Haicheng Hospital to investigate an wrongful case 18 years ago. He teams up with the director of the emergency department, Su Yun (played by Dai Xu), to tackle a series of difficult and complicated diseases.

In recent years, more and more medical dramas have entered the public eye. These dramas take hospitals as the background, medical workers as the protagonists, and saving lives and healing the wounded as the main plot, focusing on presenting the daily work of medical workers and their stories with patients. C-drama “Live Surgery Room” is such a medical drama. It takes a wrongful case 18 years ago as a clue to tell the story of Haicheng Hospital and present a group portrait of medical staff.

Beyond the Wrongful Case: Teamwork and Personal Growth

During this period, Zheng Ren not only uncovered the truth of the year, but also teamed up with Su Yun, Lin Yuan (played by Wei wei), Xie Yi Ren (played by Yang Yutong) and others to form a “conjoined twins separation surgery” task force with extremely high surgical difficulty, achieving the ideal of saving lives, curing patients and warming people’s hearts.

Experienced Crew Behind the Scenes

The cast and crew of the drama are quite impressive. The chief producer of “Live Surgery Room”, Qi Dun, has won recognition from both inside and outside the industry for his works in various genres such as costume dramas, modern dramas and suspense dramas, such as “Golden Marriage”, “Legend of Concubine Zhen Huan” and “Be Reborn”. This new work “Live Surgery Room” has also attracted a lot of expectations from the audience.

In terms of the lead actors, the new combination of three powerful actors is both refreshing and provides a quality guarantee for the drama. Vin Zhang has starred in many popular film and television works in recent years, leaving a deep impression on the audience. In this drama, vin Zhang plays Zheng Ren, a “genius doctor” who appears out of nowhere, but is unable to trust others and is not good at getting along with others due to his experience in his youth. With the help of the team, Zheng Ren gradually resolves his years of grievances and finds himself again.

Medical Drama Live Surgery Room Premieres Tomorrow on JSTV

Dai Xu Tackles Complex Role

Dai Xu, who has won the audience’s recognition with works such as “The Legends” and “Burning Ice”, plays Su Yun, the successor of a medical family, in the drama. He looks like a playboy, but is actually sensitive inside. After a medical accident, Su Yun suffers from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and is unable to use his excellent medical skills. With the help of Zheng Ren and the team, he finally overcomes himself and finds his original intention of studying medicine.

Liu Min Tao Portrays Strong Female Leader

Liu Min Tao plays Su Li, the director of Haicheng Hospital. Although she always pursues profit on the surface, giving people a feeling of ambition, she is actually a softie. When a major disaster breaks out, Su Li resolutely abandons her personal interests and wholeheartedly supports the disaster relief work.

Compelling Characters with Hidden Depths

The protagonists of Chinese Drama “Live Surgery Room” have their own edges: Zheng Ren, who has superb medical skills, is extremely cold; Su Yun, who looks like a playboy, actually suffers from PTSD and has to bear psychological torture)every day; Su Li, the director of Haicheng Hospital, is resolute and strict with those around her.

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