May 19, 2024
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Former Supermodel Lee So-ra Reunites with Ex Shin Dong-yup on “SNL Korea”

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Former Supermodel Lee So ra Reunites with Ex Shin Dong yup on SNL Korea
Lee So-ra Reunites with Ex Shin Dong-yup | SNL Korea Season 5

Lee So-ra Takes Center Stage as Host

Lee So-ra, a former supermodel and broadcaster, brought her star power to “SNL Korea” Season 5 as the sixth host. The episode aired on Saturday (6th) afternoon on the Coupang Play comedy show.

Lee So-ra’s opening monologue provided a humorous glimpse into the challenges of preparing for the show. “At my age, they made me rehearse for 12 hours,” she said. “It really made me feel the passage of time.” She continued with a laugh, “I was full of energy this morning, but this is how I look now. Regardless, I’m here to show you my true self today!”

A Longtime Dream Realized

Lee So-ra, a self-proclaimed “longtime fan of SNL,” expressed her gratitude to Shin Dong-yup for inviting her to be a part of the show. Shin Dong-yup joined her onstage, their reunion a testament to their past friendship. “I never thought you’d keep your promise like this,” Shin Dong-yup said, shaking So-ra’s hand. “You’re a friend who decorated a page of my life,” he added, expressing his sincere appreciation.

So-ra’s comedic talents shined throughout the episode. In one memorable skit, she portrayed a golf instructor specializing in teaching younger men in the “Younger Male Professional Golf Instructor” corner. Shin Dong-yup, playing the role of a deliveryman, attempted (and hilariously failed) to learn the sport from So-ra.

Later, So-ra revisited her past by hosting a parody of “Entertainment Weekly” called “Love Weekly,” a show she once anchored. A playful nod to their history, the skit featured Shin Dong-yup reenacting his wedding announcement on the show years ago. Following the skit, Shin Dong-yup remarked on the reunion, “This was truly a dream come true. It’s been 10 years since I first called So-ra to be on the show.”

A Full-Circle Moment

The episode wasn’t just about comedic entertainment. It also showcased a heartwarming reconnection. Shin Dong-yup’s appearance on So-ra’s YouTube channel (Supermarket So-ra) in December 2023 paved the way for her return to “SNL Korea” after many years.

So-ra concluded the show by expressing her appreciation to Shin Dong-yup, the crew, and even his wife, PD Seon Hye-yun, with a touch of humor. “I’ve been watching you all work tirelessly since morning,” So-ra said. “I have immense respect for Shin Dong-yup,” she declared. Shin Dong-yup, ever the jokester, replied, “Once again, I’d like to thank So-ra, the company officials, and all of my personal acquaintances,” causing laughter amongst the cast and crew.

So-ra and Shin Dong-yup’s past relationship, spanning from 1995 to 2001, added another layer of intrigue to the episode. Their on-screen reunion after 23 years undeniably captured the audience’s attention.

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