May 19, 2024
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Ryeoun is joining the cast of “Weak Hero Class 2”

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Ryeoun is joining the cast of Weak Hero Class 2

Ryeoun has been offered the lead role in web drama “Weak Hero Class 2”.

On August 1, Star News reported that Ryeoun is in talks to star in web drama “Weak Hero Class 2.”

The production team of “Weak Hero Class 2” has not confirmed Ryeoun’s casting yet, but it is said that he is positively considering the offer. if he joins the show It will be his first leading role in a web drama.

“Weak Hero” is a drama based on a webtoon about a high school student named Jiu who is bullied for being weak. However, he secretly possesses superhuman strength and uses it to protect those he cares about. The drama was well received by viewers for its action-packed scenes and inspiring journey of self-discovery for Jiu.

Weak Hero Class 2 will continue the story of Yeon Si Eun as he moves to a new school. The second season will reportedly have eight episodes just like the first season.

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