June 22, 2024
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Kim Yoo-jung Receives Offer for Drama “Dear X”

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Kim Yoo jung Receives Offer for Drama Dear X
Kim Yoo-jung; Image Courtesy: NEWS1

Kim Yoo-jung is considering an offer to star in the drama adaptation of the webtoon “Dear X”. The webtoon depicts the downfall of a top actress Baek Ah-jin who has a hidden dark side. The drama is being directed by PD Lee Eung-bok and written by Choi Ja-won. Fans are excited to see Kim Yoo-jung play a complex villain with antisocial personality disorder.

On June 4, Kim Yoo-jung’s agency Awesome ENT said, “‘Dear X’ is one of the works that Kim Yoo-jung has received an offer for.”

Webtoon Adaptation: The Duality of Korea’s Top Actress

Based on the webtoon of the same name, “Dear X” depicts the downfall of Korea’s top actress “Baek Ah-jin” and her double life hidden behind it. The original webtoon was serialized on Naver Webtoon from 2019 to 2020.

Webtoon Rights Secured: From Page to Screen

In 2020, author “Ban Ji Un” announced on his blog that he had finished a contract for the drama rights of “Dear X.” Author Ban Ji Un’s “Fantasy Sonata” was also recently made into a drama.

Shifting Directors: “Dear X” Faces Production Hurdles

In 2021, it was reported that director Yoo Ha would be directing the 2021 drama “Dear X,” but the production was scrapped once.

Experienced Crew Assembles: PD Lee Eung-bok and Writer Choi Ja-won

Currently, PD Lee Eung-bok, who directed “Dream High,” “School 2013,” “Secret,” “Descendants of the Sun,” “Goblin,” and “Mr. Sunshine,” is reviewing the direction, and writer Choi Ja-won is reportedly writing the script.

Kim Yoo-jung Offered Lead Role: Baek Ah-jin, a Villain with a Twist

Kim Yoo-jung has been offered the role of the main character and main villain Baek Ah-jin, who has antisocial personality disorder.

Anticipation for Kim Yoo-jung’s Villainous Role

Netizens reacted to the news of Kim Yoo-jung’s appearance in “Dear X” with comments such as “It goes well,” “I’ll clap as soon as I see it. Villains are good because they’re not bad. I love it when villains are visually appealing now,” and “Thriller, melodrama, and picaresque heroine all fit together. Daebak!”

Kim Yoo-jung Born in 1999 and 24 years old, she made her debut in a “Crown Confectionery” in 2003 and has been active as a child actress. She rose to stardom as a lead actress in KBS2’s “Love in the Moonlight” and has since appeared in JTBC’s “Clean with Passion for Now,” SBS’s “Backstreet Rookie,” “Lovers of the Red Sky,” “My Demon,” and Netflix’s “Chicken Nugget.” Recently, she met fans at the “‘Utopia (YOU_TOPIA)'” fan meeting.

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