May 19, 2024
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Kim So-hyun’s Heartwarming Story of Secretly Supporting Classmate Goes Viral

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Kim So hyuns Heartwarming Story of Secretly Supporting Classmate Goes Viral
Musical Actress, Kim So-hyun; Image Courtesy: Maison Kitsuné Seoul, Instagram

A former classmate of musical actress Kim So-hyun, identified as A, has left a heartwarming comment on a YouTube video revealing Kim So-hyun’s kind act from their university days.

A heartwarming story about actress Kim So-hyun’s kindness during her days at Seoul National University recently surfaced online. The story centers around a comment left on a YouTube video by someone claiming to be Kim So-hyun’s classmate (Mr. A). The video, uploaded to the MBC YouTube channel on February 11, 2022, was a compilation of Kim So-hyun’s appearance on “Radio Star.” In the comment, Mr. A recounted how Kim So-hyun once secretly helped a friend financially by pretending to be a sponsor from abroad. Kim So-hyun’s agency acknowledged the story, and said that Kim So-hyun is grateful to be remembered as a good friend and a source of strength.

A’s Struggles and Kim So-hyun’s Secret Support

A, who attended Seoul National University’s vocal music department with Kim So-hyun, shared their experience of facing financial difficulties while studying.

“I was struggling to pay for tuition and lessons while working part-time at a restaurant because my family was poor,” A said in the comment. “My father even lost his job, and I was considering dropping out of school and getting a factory job.”

A continued, explaining how Kim So-hyun became aware of their situation and secretly provided financial aid.

“I often took classes with So-hyun and became close with her,” A said. “When she found out about my situation, she pretended to be a foreign sponsor and secretly provided me with some of my tuition and lesson fees.”

A’s Gratitude and Regret

A expressed their gratitude for Kim So-hyun’s kindness and regret at not being able to help her in return.

“I thought it was a bit strange, but I just kept accepting her support,” A said. “After I graduated, I wanted to contact the sponsor to express my gratitude, but I found out that the email address of the sponsor was So-hyun’s email address. I can’t express how sorry and grateful I was. I also wondered why she, who seemed to come from a wealthy family, always brought cheap lunch boxes to class. Later, another classmate told me that she saved her allowance to support me and even skipped going out to save money for food. I was so touched that I cried.”

A’s Desire to Repay Kim So-hyun’s Kindness

A revealed their wish to have been able to return the favor.

“I wanted to become a rich friend who could help you when you were going through a tough time, but you became even richer, so I don’t think you need my help anymore,” A said. “I can’t repay the help you gave me, so I pray for you every day.”

Sharing the Story of Kim So-hyun’s Kindness

A also shared the story on another YouTube video, revealing their name and expressing their appreciation for Kim So-hyun’s support.

“Whenever I was scolded by the professor and cried alone, you would cry with me too,” A said. “You even skipped practice and comforted me while I was going through a tough time. Your caring eyes still give me great strength.”

A continued, detailing how Kim So-hyun disguised her financial aid as sponsorship.

“When you found out that I was working part-time at a restaurant to pay for my tuition, you worried that I would hurt my throat if I overworked and even supported me with my lesson fees,” A said. “You pretended to be a foreign sponsor who happened to find my email address online and said that they liked my voice and wanted to sponsor me because of my friend’s recommendation. You sent me money every month with your own money. How funny, sorry, and grateful was it that you were so kind to me without knowing? I cried so much when I found out that the sponsor’s email address was your email address. Always be happy, So-hyun.”

Outpouring of Support for Kim So-hyun

The story of Kim So-hyun’s kindness has gone viral, with fans expressing their admiration for the actress’s generosity, which came to light after 20 years.

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