May 19, 2024
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Spontaneous kiss at Jamboree concert becomes viral sensation

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Unexpected kiss at K-pop concert leaves netizens amused.

The kissing scene was captured during the ‘2023 World Scout Jamboree K-Pop Super Live’, which gathered approximately 40,000 young people from 140 countries.

On the 11th, ‘2023 World Scout Jamboree K-Pop Super Live’ was held at the Sangam World Cup Stadium in Mapo-gu, Seoul. The members cheered fervently even in the rain.

The concert was live broadcast on KBS and YouTube. When the camera caught two Jamboree boy members from overseas, they were headbanging to the intense stage of the group Psyker.


At this time, the boy on the left saw that he was captured on camera and opened his eyes wide to tell his friend beside him. His friend, who was cheering, suddenly grabbed the back of the boy’s head and kissed him hard. It was a spontaneous ‘kiss time’.

The camera also captures a boy in the front seat who is dozing with his hand on his chin in this scenario. Netizens responded with comments such as “I was surprised when I watched it with my family”, “It’s funny when the screen changes after the kiss”, “I laugh so hard at the boy who suddenly kisses”, and “The boy who It’s more fun to sleep in the midst of chaos.”

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