May 19, 2024
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Lee Seo-han Issues Second Apology After Uploading Controversial Video

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Lee Seo han Issues Second Apology After Uploading Controversial Video edited

Actor Initially Apologized for “Prank,” Now Offers More Details

Actor Lee Seo-han has once again apologized for the controversy surrounding the illegal filming of a video. On May 3, Lee Seo-han posted a second apology on his Instagram, saying, “I felt that my previous apology, which was held back due to fear and guilt, had only caused more controversy, so I am gathering my courage to post this again.”

Gathering at Ye-dam’s Studio Leads to “Staged Situation” Video

Lee Seo-han explained, “My friends and I often drink alcohol, listen to music, and watch movies at Ye-dam’s studio. Yesterday, five of us gathered for a drink, and after 12 AM, one of my friends who was drunk went home with Ye-dam.”

He continued, “While the rest of us were having another drink, I posted a video of a staged situation, something we’ve been doing a lot lately, on my Instagram story. It was not illegal filming or anything like that.”

Apology for Immaturity and Offense Caused

He added, “I sincerely apologize for causing controversy due to my immaturity as an aspiring actor. I also sincerely apologize to everyone who was offended by the video and to the fans who care about me. I will be more careful in the future. I apologize again.”

Initial Video and Questions of Legality

Earlier, Lee Seo-han posted a video on his Instagram story that appeared to show two people engaged in sexual activity. The location of the video was later revealed to be Ye-dam’s studio, which was made public through YouTube videos. This led some to question whether the video was illegally filmed.

Lee Seo-han deleted the video about an hour later and switched his SNS accounts to private. Later, he reactivated his SNS and posted a short apology, saying, “The video that went up yesterday was a prank between boyfriends. I apologize to Ye-dam and his fans for the fact that the video was shot in Ye-dam’s studio. Please refrain from speculation and misunderstandings about this video in the future.”

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