June 14, 2024
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Jessi Talks About Her Revealing Outfits, Smoking, Plastic Surgery, and More

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Korean singer Jessi is known for her outspoken personality. She recently appeared on the YouTube (디글 :Diggle) show “The Kstar Next Door” and continued to show her boldness.

Jessi was asked if she agreed with the label “sexy gangster.” She responded, “I’m not always sexy. My inner self is sexy. It’s confidence.”

Jessi was also asked about her revealing outfits. She said, “I wore that for Waterbomb. It was perfect.” She then added, “Men can take off their shirts, but why can’t women dress like this?”

Jessi talked about her frequent changes in agencies. She said, “P Nation is like the military, while More Vision is very free.” She was then asked to choose between Psy and Jay Park, but she said, “I don’t like either of them.”

Jessi was also asked why she is so open about her personal life, such as smoking and plastic surgery. She said, “I think it’s funnier to hide it. If my face changes and I say it’s just makeup, that’s cringe.” She also said, “Idols say they don’t smoke, but they get caught. That’s even worse. Of course, smoking is not good.”

Jessi also talked about her breast implants. She said, “Who in Korea has breasts like this? I did it because I wanted to, and I paid for it. I like being bold.”

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