May 19, 2024
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Han Seo Hee Says She Doesn’t Want Yang Hyun Suk to Be Punished

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Han Seo Hee Says She Doesnt Want Yang Hyun Suk to Be Punished

Han Seo Hee said in court today, August 25, 2023, that Yang Hyun Suk threatened to kill her. She met him at an adult entertainment place in 2014 when she was a trainee at YG Entertainment. He gave her drugs and they smoked marijuana together.

Han Seo Hee say she didn’t want Yang Hyun Suk to be punished. She say this in court, and everyone was shocked. She had previously say that Yang Hyun Suk threaten to kill her.

Han Seo Hee said she don’t want him to be punished. She been labeled as trainee for 6 years and stayed in limbo between celebrity and ordinary citizen. She received overwhelming attention and criticism, which was difficult to endure. She exhausted after 4 years of proceedings. If he had only acknowledged and apologized, she wouldn’t have come this far. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like he will. She wants to end this battle.

Yang Hyun Suk stayed quiet in the hearing, while Han Seo Hee was vocal.

In 2016, she was arrested for drug use. She turned in her phone to the police, which had evidence of her drug use and her interactions with Yang Hyun Suk. He threatened to kill her if she didn’t retract her testimony against him.

Yang Hyun Suk was found not guilty in 2022 for threatening Han Seo Hee. The judge said that verbal threat alone wasn’t enough to convict him. Prosecutors appealed the ruling, and the case is ongoing.

Han Seo Hee is tired after 4 years of court. She has been through a lot and it’s hard to keep fighting. She doesn’t want Yang Hyun Suk to be punished, she just wants to end this.

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