April 16, 2024
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Jeff Satur: Charisma Overload on 3 Zaap

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Jeff Satur Charisma Overload on 3 Zaap

Jeff Satur, a singer with overflowing charm, made a comeback on the “3 Zaap” stage. He previously left a sweet impression on “แม่แอฟ” during his first appearance on the show.

Sporting a short haircut, Jeff looked dashing and ready to steal hearts. However, he fell victim to Jeff’s charm himself! Jeff sat on the edge of the stage, sending sweet glances at Jeff, melting his heart. But Jeff should be careful! If she’s not careful, she might be swept into Jeff’s fandom, known as the “พระเจ้าเจฟ.”

Apart from his beautiful voice, Jeff is also inspiring. He represents those who persevere for their dreams. It took him 10 long years to release his first album, and now he has his own Asia tour. He is truly amazing!

Just when we were getting lost in his music, dad revealed his hidden desire, “I really want to be a singer, you know? I believe that singers attract a lot of girls.” “We already have a lot of problems, Dad!!” Mom shouted to warn him. But who knows? dad often goes up to sing at other people’s concerts! Let’s cheer for both dad and Jeff because hard work never betrays anyone!

“It took me 7 years to be able to use my own last name (Jeff Satur). When I finally got to use my own last name, it felt worth the journey. I feel like TPOP music is getting bigger right now. I feel like it was worth the 7-year wait, and we are now in the time when the flower field is at its most beautiful.”

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