April 16, 2024
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CHUNG HA and BIBI Light Up “Amazing Saturday” with Performances and Shin Dong-yup Shenanigans

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On the March 9th broadcast of tvN’s variety show “Amazing Saturday”, female solo dance singers CHUNG HA and BIBI, who is trending with her song “Bam Yang Gang,” appeared.

Boom received groans for singing a line from “Bam Yang Gang,” but BIBI lifted the mood with a sweet rendition of a part of the song. When Boom asked BIBI if the song was doing well on the charts, BIBI replied with a bright smile, “It’s my first time entering the charts!” BIBI displayed her wit when complimented on being a “digital music chart monster,” saying, “Digital music gang! Bam Yang Gang is a gang too!”

BIBI actively promoted her new music video, “Sugar Rush,” which was released for Valentine’s Day.

CHUNG HA, who returned with her new album after a year and eight months, showcased her impressive new song “Mini Me” with its groovy and controlled choreography, while wearing a bolero and wide-legged pants. Upon hearing her close friend Jeon So-mi’s song, CHUNG HA revealed her problem-solving skills, saying, “I listen to Jeon So-mi’s songs a lot. Actually, for ‘Déjà Vu,’ So-mi came to my house before the album release and played it for me, asking about the lyrics.” She also showed humility, saying, “I’m so sorry I couldn’t participate actively last time. I’m really glad (to be back).”

Kim Dong-hyun repeatedly asked, “Worldi Mini? Mimi Mini? Mini Mini?” Finally, after Park Na-rae and Shin Dong-yup’s strong protests, he understood the new song’s title. CHUNG HA kindly explained, “When you can’t choose between two things, you say ‘Coca-Cola is delicious,’ right? It’s an American expression.”

CHUNG HA and BIBI shared memories related to Shin Dong-yup. CHUNG HA said, “On my first appearance, there was a snack game. I only blurted out the answer, not my name. Then, Shin Dong-yup greeted me and took the answer. I realized the importance of names then.”

Shin Dong-yup gave a sheepish yet somewhat cheeky smile, and Boom offered (questionable) comfort, saying, “There’s probably a support group for Shin Dong-yup’s victims. Don’t be too discouraged, you’re not the only one.”

BIBI drew attention by saying that Shin Dong-yup on “Amazing Saturday” is different from Shin Dong-yup on “Witch Hunt.” BIBI said, “On ‘Witch Hunt,’ you treated everyone like friends. Now, you’re like the village chief, looking down on everyone.”

Naksal burst out laughing, saying, “Is he Jesus?” BIBI replied seriously, “Shin Dong-yup is like God,” seemingly establishing the Church of Infinite Shin Dong-yup.

In response, Shin Dong-yup gave BIBI his own kind of compliment. Shin Dong-yup said, throwing out a strange comment, “You’re much younger than me, but you have a sisterly image. It’s truly amazing.” BIBI confidently emphasized her concept, saying, “My image is going in a different direction these days, senior. Even my outfit today is totally spring girl,” while still maintaining the “Bam Yang Gang” vibe.

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