May 19, 2024

BLACKPINK’s Jennie shed tear in ‘Tally’ performance at BST

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Jennie's tears during 'Tally'

During Jennie’s performance of BLACKPINK’s “Tally” at the BST concert in Hyde Park on July 2, 2023, Jennie tearing up while singing the lyrics. “That’s my choice and there’s no one I’m hurting.” This sparked speculation among fans as to the reason for her tears.

Some fans believe that Jennie’s emotional outbursts are due to recent controversies surrounding her, such as the backlash she received for her role in the movie “The Idols,” and dating rumors about her and BTS’ V. Others think she might be the first K-pop girl group to headline a BST concert I’m overwhelmed by the pressure.

The lyrics of ‘Tally’ are extremely personal and introspective, so they could resonate deeply with Jennie. The song is about a woman trying to find her own place in her world and struggling with the expectations of others. The lyrics “That’s my choice and there’s no one I’m hurting” can be seen as a declaration of independence, and it’s possible that Jenny felt the emotion as she sang these words.

The wave of crowd energy or the daunting task of performing in front of large audiences may have overwhelmed Jenny. It’s a big deal for her to perform at a big concert like BST, and it’s understandable that Jenny feels the pressure. The fact that she was the first K-pop girl group to headline her concert must have added to the pressure on her.

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