June 14, 2024
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Astro Members Celebrate Parents’ Day with Moon Sua, Moonbin’s Sister

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Astro Members Celebrate Parents Day with Moon Sua Moonbins Sister
Astro Members Celebrate Parents’ Day; Image Courtesy: Instagram

Jinjin Shares Photos with Astro Members and Moon Sua

On May 5th, Jinjin, a member of the K-pop boy group Astro, uploaded several photos on his social media account with the caption, “It’s Parents’ Day. Thank you for giving birth to me.”

Moon Sua Joins Astro Members for Parents’ Day Celebration

The photos show JinJin, MJ, Yoon San-ha, and Cha Eun-woo of Astro posing together affectionately. In particular, Moon Sua, a member of the girl group Billlie and the younger sister of their late member Moonbin, is seen with them, drawing attention. Moonbin tragically passed away in April of last year.

Moon Sua Joins Astro Members for Parents Day Celebration

Astro Members Gather with Parents, Filling Moonbin’s Empty Seat

Another photo shows Astro’s parents sitting around a large table, smiling brightly and posing for the camera. This suggests that the Astro members gathered with their parents to celebrate Parents’ Day and Children’s Day in Korea. The place of Moonbin, who left too early, was filled by his younger sister Moon Sua.

Astro Continues to Support Moon Sua

This act of remembrance follows another gesture of support for Moon Sua. The day before Jinjin’s post, the Astro members visited Moon Sua’s first fan meeting to cheer her on.

Cha Eunwoo Leaves Touching Note for Moonbin

Cha Eunwoo also visited the memorial space set up in front of the agency building after Moonbin’s death last year. There, he left a note saying, “I hope you are happy in the moon hundreds of times more. I will take care of everything you left behind, so don’t worry too much. You worked hard. I love you and I’m sorry, friend.”

The strong friendship of these people who still keep the promise they made then is heartwarming to those who see it.

Fans Moved by Astro’s Bond

In addition to Jinjin tagging Moonbin’s account in the center of the photo taken by the four Astro members, fans are touched by the sight of these people who are like a family without a hitch, even beyond their team members.

Netizen reactions:

“Thank you for sharing this with us. This is exactly why Astro is a group which worth it. They’re like a big family and that include their own family. I know that I’m not wasting my time by being an Aroha”, “Eunwoo holds Moobin sister’s hand”, “We saw eunwoo’s appa and Amma in second last pic”, “Jinjin really look like his father”, “so happy for this but can’t deny that this would be more special if rocky and his parents are also there.”, “The Astro family reunited, so happy to see you all together! Love you”

What did you think about the way Astro members included Moon Sua in their Parents’ Day celebration? Do you have any favorite memories of Astro and Moonbin together? Share them in the comments!

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