June 22, 2024
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Actor Kwon Yool “Sues” Director for Casting Him as a Corrupt Prosecutor

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Actor Kwon Yool Sues Director for Casting Him as a Corrupt Prosecutor

Actor Kwon Yool Files ‘Suit’ Against Director Kim Moon Kyo for Casting Him as ‘Corrupt Prosecutor’ in New SBS Drama ‘Connection’

On the 24th, a production presentation for the new SBS Friday-Saturday drama ‘Connection’ was held at the SBS Hall, Seoul. Director Kim Moon Kyo and actors Ji Sung, Jeon Mi Do, Kwon Yool, Kim Kyung Nam, Jung Seon-won, Jung Soon Won, Cha Yeob, and Lee Kang Wook attended the event.

‘Connection’: A Story About Addiction and Uncovering the Truth

‘Connection’ is an addiction tracing suspense drama about a narcotics team ace detective who is forcibly addicted to drugs by someone and uncovers the truth about his friend’s death, 20 years of altered friendship, and the whole story of that connection.

Director Kim Moon Kyo on Casting Decisions

Director Kim Moon Kyo talked about the casting behind-the-scenes story. He said, “As you can see from the script, it is a work in which many actors appear, so I thought that it might be difficult for viewers to easily relate to the characters.” He continued, “When casting, I tried to cast actors who had a natural connection between the characteristics of the characters and the actual appearance of the actors, and who seemed to resemble the role in terms of image and character.” He added, “If you feel like ‘This person is like this’ while watching the work, then that’s right.”

Kwon Yool’s Playful Threat

Kwon Yool, who plays the role of a ‘corrupt prosecutor’ in the drama, couldn’t hide his embarrassed expression, turning the scene into a sea of laughter. Kwon Yool joked, “I’m going to sue the director for defamation.”

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