June 14, 2024
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SBS Wins Triple Crown in Viewership Ratings in Q3 2023

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SBS Dominates Viewership Ratings in Q3 2023 with Triple Crown Victory

SBS achieved first place in viewership ratings in the third quarter of 2023, winning the triple crown in household, individual, and 2049 viewership ratings.

SBS surpassed KBS2 and MBC with a household viewership rating of 4.34%, and its 2049 viewership rating was 1.58%, beating MBC and KBS2 by a wide margin. The individual viewership rating, calculated based on the number of people who watched the program, was also 2.07% for SBS, far ahead of KBS2 and MBC.

SBS’s viewer rating increase was notable for both dramas and entertainment. The drama ‘Ghost‘ received a lot of attention from the beginning, and ‘The First Responders Season 2‘ was established as a must-watch drama following the previous season, and received a positive response from viewers. The new drama ‘The Escape of the Seven: War for Survival‘ is also starting to rise in popularity.

In entertainment, long-running programs such as ‘My Little Old Boy‘, ‘Running Man‘, and ‘Girls With Goal‘ were listed in the TOP 20 programs of the third quarter, and ‘TV Animal Farm‘ was the only cultural program included in the TOP 20 programs of the third quarter.

An official from SBS said, “We seem to have been able to capture the hearts of viewers by presenting programs of various genres in both drama and entertainment,” and added, “We will continue to strive to present content that can repay the love of viewers.”

SBS has proven that it is a powerhouse in sports events by dominating viewership ratings at the 19th Hangzhou Asian Games. SBS has ranked first in viewership ratings for 10 consecutive days in broadcasting of almost all major games except soccer.

What factors might be driving SBS’s viewership ratings increase?

SBS presented programs of various genres, both dramas and entertainment. The drama targeted viewers’ tastes by presenting works of various genres, such as ‘Ghost’, ‘The police station next to the fire station and the National Forensic Service’, and ‘Escape of the Seven’. In entertainment, long-running programs such as ‘My Little Old Boy’, ‘Running Man’, and ‘Goal Girl’, as well as new programs such as ‘Kkokomu’ and ‘Civilization Express’ were successful, driving viewership ratings.

SBS succeeded in targeting young viewers. In the third quarter viewership ratings, SBS ranked first in 2049 viewership ratings. This is analyzed as a result of SBS’s dramas and entertainment targeting the tastes of young viewers.

SBS is strengthening its content production capabilities. SBS is increasing its investment in drama and entertainment production, recruiting excellent production crews and personnel, and strengthening its content production capabilities.

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