May 19, 2024
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Hwang Min Hyun and Kim So Hyun share insights on ‘My Lovely Liar’ and their characters

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Hwang Minhyun and Kim So Hyun recently shared some insights on their upcoming drama “My Lovely Liar” and their characters.

Hwang Min Hyun and Kim So Hyun look absolutely stunning in the latest pictorial unveiled by Elle Korea. The two stars are starring in tvN’s upcoming drama “My Lovely Liar,” and the pictures give us a glimpse of their chemistry on and off screen.

In the pictorial, Hwang Min Hyun and Kim So Hyun are wearing various summer outfits. They pose in a vintage apartment. And the photos have a fairy-tale quality.

in an interview with pictorial Hwang Min Hyun and Kim So Hyun talked about their new drama. Hwang Min Hyun stated that he was attracted to the drama because of its unique plot. “It’s a story about a man who can’t lie. and a woman who can tell who is lying.”

Hwang Min Hyun said in an interview with Elle Korea that he was deeply impressed by Kim So Hyun’s acting. “She is very versatile and can do anything,” he said. “She’s so grateful to be able to work with her,” she said.

Kim So Hyun also said only good things about Hwang Min Hyun’s acting. “He’s so natural and makes me feel like I’m on set with him,” she said. “She’s really excited to work with him.”

Kim So Hyun remarked, “eye contact is really important when it comes to acting chemistry. It’s a way of communicating with your co-star without saying a word. It can convey emotions, trust, and connection.”

Kim So Hyun shared that she was drawn to Mok Sol Hee’s strength and resilience. “Even though she has to deal with the pain of hearing lies all the time, she doesn’t let it define her,” she said. “She’s a bold and cool person who accepts her pain in her own way.”

it’s really admirable that Mok Sol Hee is able to find strength in her pain. She could have easily let it consume her, but instead, she uses it to fuel her determination to live her life to the fullest.

Mok Sol Hee (Kim So Hyun) is a woman who can hear lies. This ability has made her lose faith in other people and has made it difficult for her to make friends. She is also a talented pianist, but she has given up on her dreams of becoming a professional pianist because she is afraid that she will be able to hear the lies of the audience.

Kim Do Ha (Hwang Min Hyun) is a genius music producer who is hiding his identity. He has a secret that he cannot tell anyone, and he lives a solitary life. He is also a talented pianist, and he is drawn to Mok Sol Hee’s music.

When Mok Sol Hee and Kim Do Ha meet, they are drawn to each other. However, their relationship is complicated by their secrets and by their inability to trust each other.

“My Lovely Liar” will premiere on tvN and Viki on July 31, 2023.

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