May 19, 2024
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Jam Hsiao Ching-Teng marries long time love, Summer Lin

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Jam Hsiao Ching Teng marries long time love Summer Lin

Jam Hsiao Ching-Teng finally tied the knot with his long time love, Summer Lin on Thursday. The 36-year-old singer couldn’t contain his excitement as he announced the news on social media, saying, “I popped the question to my fiancée Summer Lin, back in June and I’ve been eagerly waiting for this special day. Today marks the day we’ve chosen as our wedding day, and it’s truly beautiful!” Overflowing with happiness, he expressed his gratitude for everyone’s blessings and even shared a playful wedding photo, puckering up for the camera.”

He also shared a cheeky wedding photo of him puckering up for a kiss. Summer, on the other hand, opted for a more traditional wedding photo, simply showing the two of them smiling happily at the camera.

In a heartwarming post, Summer recounted the moment when their fathers signed their marriage certificates as witnesses. She revealed that their parents were overjoyed, and their mothers even encouraged their fathers to sign neatly. Summer added, “What we’ve gained is not just each other but everything about each other.” What made the occasion even more touching was the fact that Summer’s father, who had previously suffered a stroke, was able to sign the certificate using his affected hand.

Despite facing rumors about their relationship, Jam and Summer have always kept their love life private. The engagement announcement in June finally put those speculations to rest. It’s worth noting that the couple has a significant age gap of 14 years, with Summer being 50 years old. However, their love is undeniable, evident in the sweet way they look at each other.

We wish Jam and Summer all the best in their new life together!

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