May 19, 2024
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Did Lee Seo-han Expose Bang Ye-dam’s Privacy with Leaked Video?

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Did Lee Seo han Expose Bang Ye dams Privacy with Leaked Video

Lee Seo-han Posts Video on Instagram Story

Rookie actor Lee Seo-han is embroiled in controversy after posting a video on his Instagram story that appears to show illegal filming.

Video Shows Sexual Act, Taken at Bang Ye-dam’s Studio

    On May 2nd, Lee Seo-han posted a video taken at what appears to be Bang Ye-dam’s studio on his Instagram story. The video reportedly shows a man and a woman engaging in sexual acts.

    Lee Seo-han Deletes Video, But Controversy Grows

      Lee Seo-han deleted the story about an hour after posting it. However, the fact that the location in the video is presumed to be Bang Ye-dam’s studio, which has been publicly revealed on YouTube, has caused a stir.

      Speculation About Video and Lee Seo-han’s Intent

      There is speculation that the person who filmed the video is Lee Seo-han and that the man in the video is Bang Ye-dam, as it was taken in his studio.

      Lee Seo-han Deactivates Instagram Account

      Lee Seo-han’s Instagram post is currently being spread online, mainly on X (formerly Twitter). As the controversy grows, Lee Seo-han has deactivated his Instagram account. When you access his account, a message appears that says “Sorry, this page is unavailable” and you cannot access it.

      Netizens React with Anger and Confusion

      Netizens are reacting with comments such as “If you deactivate and disappear, isn’t that an admission? Shouldn’t you make an official statement?”, “I’m so embarrassed that I’m having a mental breakdown”, “It’s too shocking”, “Why did you upload that? Didn’t you know it was illegal?”.

      Some people are also speculating that Lee Seo-han may have uploaded the video to his official account by mistake instead of his private account.

      Background Information on Lee Seo-han and Bang Ye-dam

      Lee Seo-han, born in 2002, is 21 years old this year. He made his debut in the web drama “The Missing Movie” on January 21st of last year.

      Bang Ye-dam, the same age as Lee Seo-han, is a former member of the group Treasure. He recently held his first fan meeting in Japan, “BANG YEDAM The 1st Fan Meeting in JAPAN,” at KT Zepp Yokohama from March 3rd to 4th.

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