April 16, 2024
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K-Drama “Hide”: Unveiling a Husband’s Disappearance

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Hit and Run Missing Memory Popular Drama Hide Unveils Dark Secret

The JTBC and Coupang Play K-drama “Hide” premiered on the 23rd, gripping viewers with the scene of Na Moon Young (Lee Bo Young) racing to an accident site. The unbelievable news? Her husband, Cha Sung Jae (Lee Moo Saeng), is reportedly dead.

Moon Young and Sung Jae, a lawyer couple building a happy family, had their world rocked. Moon Young, on a temporary work break for childcare, met prosecutor Joo Shin Hwa (Kim Gook Hee) for drinks. However, the next morning, she has no memory of the night before.

Returning home to a comforting bowl of porridge left by Sung Jae, Moon Young’s joy is shattered by a call. Sung Jae, who clearly left for work, never arrived at the courthouse. Worried because “he’s not the kind of person who would miss an important appointment,” Moon Young rushes to the courthouse. On her way back, she spots a car resembling Sung Jae’s, but loses sight of it in an accident.

K Drama Hide Unveiling a Husbands Disappearance

Adding to the confusion, Shin Hwa mentions men who came to pick Moon Young up the night before. However, Moon Young insists she didn’t join them thanks to Sung Jae’s arrival. When Moon Young denies calling Shin Hwa, the call history further fuels the mystery. Anxious and fearing the worst, Moon Young declares, “My husband is gone, he’s disappeared.”

Strange occurrences continue. A late-night visit from Sung Jae’s client and a break-in at the office raise red flags. Moon Young seeks Detective Baek Min Yeop’s (Kim Sang Ho) help, stating, “Nothing is missing, right?” But her plea takes a heartbreaking turn: “Something is missing. My husband is missing. It’s been over 24 hours.”

A new layer of trouble unfolds. Moon Young discovers Sung Jae’s financial struggles and the law firm’s brink of bankruptcy. A distraught client who visited Moon Young’s house earlier also disappears, leaving behind cryptic words: “Is Lawyer Cha gone? He ran away, the traitor. He thinks I should be the only one to die?” and “I didn’t kill anyone. I just believed Lawyer Cha’s words and turned things upside down, but I knew this would happen.”

Just as Moon Young grapples with these revelations, the police deliver another devastating blow. Sung Jae’s ID is found at a fall site. At the morgue, a glimpse of Sung Jae’s burnt hand beneath a white sheet triggers a wave of emotions in Moon Young. She recalls Sung Jae putting on a bandage that day, claiming, “I cut it while peeling an apple.” Now, surrounded by a chilling reality, Moon Young weeps, the future shrouded in uncertainty.

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