May 19, 2024
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Just B’s JM & Geonu Make Global Acting Debut in “Love Is Like A Cat”!

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Just Bs JM Geonu Make Global Acting Debut in Love Is Like A Cat

Just B members JM and Geonu are set to make their global acting debut in the upcoming drama “Love Is Like A Cat.”

The drama, a Korean-Thai co-production, will premiere on April 1st on Rakuten TV. It follows the story of popular star Mew Suppasit as he meets and grows with pet daycare director Dae Byeol (JM) and employee Gi Min (Geonu).

JM will play the role of Dae Byeol, a pet daycare director with a tough and wild appearance. He is said to be a reliable person who puts everything aside for the sake of animals.

Geonu will take on the role of Gi Min, an employee at the pet kindergarten who is full of emotion and talkative. He is a character who quickly falls in love, so his chemistry with various characters is expected.

Just Bs JM Geonu Make Global Acting Debut in Love Is Like A Cat 2

Through this work, JM and Lee Geonu aim to leave a special first impression on global viewers as “acting idols.” Attention is focused on the two members of Just B, who are also global idols, as they make their full-fledged acting debut.

Just B (LIM JIMIN, Bain, Lee Geon-woo, JM, Jeon Do-yeom, Kim Sang-woo) successfully held their solo fan meeting “READY, BURN!” in January of this year. They then won the “Blooming Star Award” for two consecutive years at the “Hunter Music Awards” and are currently on their “JUST BE WITH YOU” solo tour in North and South America.

In addition, Lee Geonu and Bae In are also appearing in the Mnet vocal boy group survival show “Build Up,” which is currently airing.

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