May 19, 2024
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School Bullying Claims Target Jeon Jong-seo: Actress’s Agency Vows Legal Action

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School Bullying Claims Target Jeon Jong seo Actresss Agency Vows Legal Action
South Korean actress Jeon Jong-seo; Image Courtesy: IMDb

Anonymous Accusation on Online Platform

South Korean actress Jeon Jong-seo has become the latest celebrity to face accusations of bullying during her school days. The allegations follow a similar case involving actress Song Ha-yoon. However, Song’s side denied the allegations of school bullying and is taking legal action.

An anonymous post on the online platform Blind accused Jeon Jong-seo of bullying behavior during her middle school years. The post’s author wrote, “Jeon Jong-seo would take or steal other kids gym uniforms and school uniforms on a whim,” adding, “I get upset whenever I see Jeon Jong-seo’s face because it reminds me of that time.”

Jeon Jong-seo’s Agency Denies Allegations

In a swift response on April 4th, Jeon Jong-seo’s agency, ANDMARQ, released a statement firmly denying the claims. They emphasized that after “thoroughly confirming the facts with the actress herself and her acquaintances,” they found the allegations to be “completely untrue.”

Legal Action Planned to Address False Information

ANDMARQ further addressed the deleted post and the spread of misinformation. They revealed securing evidence, including the initial post and others containing false information, and their intention to pursue legal action. The agency condemned the “speculative posts and malicious comments” causing “serious emotional damage” to Jeon Jong-seo and those close to her.

It’s crucial to remember that the allegations against Jeon Jong-seo remain unproven. She, like everyone else, deserves the presumption of innocence. This case highlights the importance of due process and avoiding conclusions based solely on unverified online claims.

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