May 19, 2024
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Is Lisa Flying Too High? Fans Debate “Arrogant” Claims in Solo Label Bio

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Is Lisa Flying Too High Fans Debate Arrogant Claims in Solo Label Bio

On February 8th, BLACKPINK’s Lisa unveiled her own label, LLOUD, dedicated to her solo activities. However, excitement quickly turned into a heated debate over the wording used in Lisa’s bio on the LLOUD website.

“LISA, renowned as a member of BLACKPINK, transcends the group with her global impact in music and fashion.

Holding multiple Guinness World Records, LISA’s achievements are unparalleled. She’s the first female solo artist in K-pop to win “Best K-pop Artist” at the MTV Music Video Wards and Europe Music Awards and the first to exceed a billion Spotify streams.

Continuously pushing boundaries, LISA’s journey is a testament to her influence in the ever-evolving world of global entertainment.” 

The bio hails Lisa’s achievements, stating she “transcends BLACKPINK” with her global impact and holds “unparalleled” records. Netizens, known for nitpicking, took issue with these claims. While acknowledging Lisa’s individual success, they argued she hasn’t quite reached a level that surpasses BLACKPINK as a whole.

The term “unparalleled” also sparked debate, as netizens felt it didn’t consider the accomplishments of other BLACKPINK members and even BTS. This led some to accuse Lisa of arrogance and call for a more “toned-down” description.

Comparisons arose with Jennie’s label, ODD ATELIER, which describes her as “one of the most” influential artists, avoiding exaggerations.

Fans, however, fiercely defended Lisa, emphasizing her impressive achievements and arguing that a bit of flourish in the bio shouldn’t be taken so negatively. They believe it doesn’t harm anyone and simply celebrates her success.

The debate continues to rage online, highlighting the sensitive nature of idol descriptions and the ever-present scrutiny in the K-Pop world. Whether the bio needs an edit or not remains to be seen, but one thing’s clear: Lisa’s solo venture has already generated plenty of buzz, both positive and critical.

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