June 14, 2024
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Hyeri Receives Malicious Comments After Ryu Jun-yeol and Han So-hee Break Up

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Hyeri Receives Malicious Comments After Ryu Jun yeol and Han So hee Break Up
Lee Hye-ri; Image Courtesy: Instagram

Hyeri Posts Photos on Instagram with Cryptic Song Choice

On March 2nd, Hyeri posted 10 photos of herself on Instagram with the caption “Outing in Seongsu-dong” She chose the solo song “Sugarcoat” by Natty, a member of the group “Kiss of Life,” as the background music for the photos. The lyrics of the song appear to reference judgement and self-love, with lines like “The image of me that you judged arbitrarily Cannot be all,” “So, the feelings I’ve never shown Which truly shone, Party The more I taste. Taste so good From one to ten, all of it Even if I’m not loved I don’t mind, I love me,” and “I cast off Whatever you say about me Just move, as I want Dancing for myself.”

Netizens Speculate Song is Directed at Han So-hee

Some netizens have speculated that Hyeri chose the song to target Han So-hee, following a scathing post Han So-hee made on her Instagram before the breakup. In the post, Han So-hee questioned why people were making assumptions about her feelings regarding Ryu Jun-yeol’s new relationship.

Hyeri Flooded with Malicious Comments

Hyeri’s Instagram has been flooded with malicious comments from netizens suspected to be Han So-hee’s fans. The comments range from accusations to veiled threats, including: “You feel good about breaking them up, don’t you?”, “It seems like you won right now, but let’s look at the long road of life”, “Han So Hee fans behaving exactly like Han So Hee”, “It’s annoying. Be careful what you do when you’re a public figure”, and “Do you really feel better if you do this?”

Despite Malicious Comments, Post Receives Positive Engagement

As of the afternoon of the 3rd, the post had over 1,036,916 likes and 11000 comments. This indicates that while Hyeri has received negative attention, she has also garnered support from her own fans.

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