June 22, 2024
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How Does Kang Sora Stay Fit? Exercise & Diet Hacks Revealed!

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How Does Kang Sora Stay Fit Exercise Diet Hacks Revealed
South Korean actress: Kang So-ra

On the 521st episode of KBS 2TV’s variety show ‘The Return of Superman’, which aired on the afternoon of April 14th, self-care queen Kang Sora visited the Jun Beom. Kang Sora expressed her admiration for Jun Beom, stating, “I’ve been a huge fan of Jun Beom for a long time. I have a soft spot for kids with hearty appetites, and I came here specifically to witness that adorable sight.”

As a seasoned mother, Kang Sora revealed her motivation for staying in shape, saying, “My shoulders are tight, and my back hurts from slouching. I want to have the energy to take care of my kids with a positive attitude. I think exercising helps with that, and that’s my ultimate goal.” Kang Sora, demonstrating a deadlift, explained, “Back exercises help to improve shoulder posture.”

Despite having two children, Kang Sora maintains a model figure. She shared her exercise tips, emphasizing the importance of proper form during squats. “When you squat, make sure to sit all the way down,” she advised, demonstrating the perfect squat position while wearing heels. Moon Hee-jun, witnessing this, expressed concern about the potential risk of falling forward while wearing high heels.

Kang Sora cheered on Jay Sean as he exercised, playfully teasing, “Don’t forget to take a selfie! You look like you’re enjoying it.” Jay Sean jokingly complained about having two PT instructors, adding to the lighthearted atmosphere. Behind Jay Sean, Jun Beom was seen napping soundly, much to the amusement of the viewers.

Kang Sora’s Shocking Diet Secret: No Bread, All Steamed Food?

In response to compliments about her flawless complexion, Kang Sora attributed her secret to her diet. She surprised everyone by revealing, “It’s all about what I eat. I’ve eliminated flour and bread from my diet, and I steam everything.” So Yoo-jin, expressing her contrasting dietary habits, remarked, “We won’t be able to be friends. I indulge in fried foods from morning to night.” Kang Sora, with a hint of humor, suggested, “You can have lunch with me, but just avoid seeing anyone for three days after.” Her unconventional advice left everyone in disbelief.

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