June 22, 2024
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Bella Ranee Campen Lists Qualities Needed in a Boyfriend, Rejects Gold Diggers’ Lifestyle

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Bella Ranee Campen Lists Qualities Needed in a Boyfriend Rejects Gold Diggers Lifestyle
Bella Ranee Campen; Image Courtesy: Instagram

3 Important Qualities to Win Bella Ranee Campen’s Heart

Bella Ranee Campen, a popular actress, revealed the three qualities a man must possess to be her boyfriend. She emphasized that financial security is not a deciding factor for her because relationships built on money are unsustainable.

Respect and Shared Values Are Key

Following rumors that CP heir Chawin Chearavanont is romantically linked to Bella, leaked photos surfaced online showing the two having a cozy dinner together. In past interviews, Bella has expressed her openness to relationships.

“I would love to have a boyfriend, but I’m not actively searching for one,” Bella shared. “I don’t subscribe to the idea of needing to find someone just to be in a relationship. My parents have a love story that I idolize, so I believe when the right person comes along, it will happen naturally. I’m content being single for now.”

Bella then listed the three qualities she seeks in a potential partner:

  • Kindness and Compassion “First and foremost, the person must be kind,” Bella stated. “He needs to love his family and animals. Perhaps it’s because of my upbringing, but I want someone who shares similar values.
  • Family Approval Matters “The second quality is getting along with the people in my life, especially my mother,” Bella continued. “This shouldn’t be difficult because my mom gets along with everyone.”
  • Mutual Understanding is Essential “Lastly, it’s crucial that we understand each other on a deeper level,” Bella explained. “This includes our lifestyles and what we value in life. For instance, honesty and sharing are important to me. If we can’t agree on these fundamentals, then it probably won’t work. Additionally, he needs to understand the demands of my job in the entertainment industry. There are no set hours or guaranteed days off. He has to be accepting of that. Age isn’t a concern for me. As long as he possesses all these qualities, that’s all that matters. It’s more about finding someone I can truly connect with.”

Love Built on Money Won’t Last

Bella firmly rejects the idea of seeking a partner for financial gain.

“Absolutely not!” Bella exclaimed when asked about men who offer to take care of her financially. “Work is a core value for me. I enjoy earning my own money. I believe relationships built on money are unsustainable. It’s more important to focus on nurturing each other’s feelings. I’m fully capable of taking care of myself financially. What would be a dealbreaker for my mom? She wouldn’t approve of someone who doesn’t respect us or value who we are as individuals.”

A Future Filled with Love and Family

Bella envisions herself being a devoted and affectionate partner.

“If I have a boyfriend, I will shower him with love and be very attached,” Bella said. “I will be like a cat or even a snake, always wanting to be around him. I’m already a caring person, but having a boyfriend would amplify that quality by a hundredfold. Naturally, I’m drawn to people with good personalities and overall looks because we’ll be spending a lot of time together. I dislike pushy people. I prefer relationships that develop organically, where we gradually get to know each other. Usually, it’s someone I’ve already met who approaches me and introduces himself. Ultimately, I hope to find the right person and build a family someday.”

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