June 22, 2024
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BBGIRLS Transforms Again! Youjoung Leaves, But Group Pledges to Continue as Three

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BBGIRLS Transforms Again Youjoung Leaves But Group Pledges to Continue as Three

On April 22, BBGIRLS’ agency, Warner Music Korea, released a statement regarding the group’s future activities.

Contract Termination and Youjoung’s Departure Announced

    “After much discussion about future activities, we and BBGIRLS have decided to terminate our exclusive contract on the expiration date of the contract today,” the statement reads.

    The agency also revealed Youjoung’s decision to leave the group. “After in-depth discussions, Youjoung has decided to conclude her activities as a member of BBGIRLS.”

    Warner Music Korea expressed gratitude for Youjoung’s contributions: “We sincerely thank Youjoung for her hard work as a member of BBGIRLS for a long time and will continue to support her in the future.”

    BBGIRLS to Remain Active as 3-Member Group

      Despite the changes, BBGIRLS will continue their activities. “BBGIRLS will continue to be active as a 3-member group with Minyoung, Eunji, and Yuna,” Warner Music Korea confirmed. The agency pledged their ongoing support, stating, “We will spare no support for BBGIRLS to be active in various fields.”

      Youjoung Shares Message on Social Media

      Youjoung addressed fans through her personal social media account on the same day. “My contract with Warner Music Korea has expired and I will no longer be active as a member of BBGIRLS, but as Nam Youjoung,” she wrote.

      She acknowledged the difficulty of the decision: “There are many things we promised each other, but I can’t tell you everything. It was sudden for me too, and it was something I had thought about hundreds and thousands of times before.”

      Youjoung expressed her determination for the future: “I’ve always been afraid of hurting someone and of doing things on my own, because I’m small-minded and have a lot of worries and thoughts. But today, I’m leaving my beloved past here and taking the next step in my life that I will love and cherish.”

      The message overflowed with support for her former members: “I will always sincerely support the future of BBGIRLS that Minyoung-unnie, Eunji, and Yuna will create. Finally, I’m always here. Don’t worry. I’m really, really grateful and I love you.”

      Read full message here.

      Yujeong BB GIRLS

      Support Pours In for Youjoung

      Youjoung’s boyfriend, actor Lee Kyuhan, publicly displayed his support by liking her social media post. Netizens also shared their well wishes in the comments section.

      Here are some of the comments:

      • “it’s okay yoojeong you don’t have to apologise for anything,I hope the future holds good times for you. all the best on your new venture and I’ll always be grateful for the good memories, lets meet a new you very soon. love you”
      • “Youjoung I love you so much and respect your decision, thank you for these last 8 years in Brave Girls and BBGirls, I have been supporting you all this time and will continue to support you ❤️ I love you always “
      • “Thank you youjoung for everything, we will always love you! BBGirls forever, take care of yourself always and don’t forget about us.”

      Background on BBGIRLS

      Previously known as Brave Girls, the group signed with Warner Music Korea in 2023. Earning the title “Summer Queens” for their refreshing hits like “Rollin'” and “We Ride,” they transformed their identity with the name change and a new sound after joining the agency.

      Their comeback in August 2023 with the double single “ONE MORE TIME” showcased their growth, and the members have actively connected with fans through variety shows and YouTube content.

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